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Boat Ramps Newfoundland

Wooden boat ramps line the harbour of St. Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada so that fisherman can pull their boats out of the salty water.

Fishing is part of the livelihood in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada and pulling the boats up onto the wooden boat ramps makes it easier for launching every day. The harbour of this unique Newfoundland town is a lovely spot ...
Sternwheeler Yukon

The S.S. Klondike sternwheeler docked at the national historic site in the Yukon, Canada with a large wooden sign located in the forefront.

The S.S. Klondike is a national historic site in the Yukon Territory in Canada that lets people into the historic world of when riverboats were the main form of transportation. This unique sternwheeler was first built in 1929 but it was sunk in 1 ...
Lifeboat Marine Atlantic Ferry

The Marine Atlantic Ferry system has a lifeboat attached to each ferry and this one belongs to the MV Caribou which travels between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Safety is an important factor when traveling on the Marine Atlantic Ferries and each ferry has a lifeboat nearby in the event of a emergency as you can see aboard the MV Caribou. This ferry system takes passengers and vehicles across the Strait o ...
Boat Ladder Pouch Cove

A long boat ladder makes it way to the water's edge for fisherman to launch their boats into Pouch Cove in Newfoundland, Canada.

It is a long way down this boat ladder to the water when the tide is out but it is a necessity in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland due to the rugged coastline. Some locals leave their smaller boats on the side of the boat ladder as they will be back in t ...
Crab Pots

Crab pots loaded on deck of the Conche Flyer in Conche Harbour on the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada waiting for the pack ice to melt.

Pack ice fills Conche Harbour on the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada which deters this crab fishing boat geared with crab pots from leaving the harbour. Pack ice can block the harbour for many months depending on the weather cond ...
Shrimp Fishing Boats Newfoundland

Different colours and makes of shrimp fishing boats line the dock in the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada.

Many commercial fisherman secure their livelihood by heading out daily on their shrimp fishing boats, but at certain times of the year, these boats remain docked in St Anthony Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada. When the pack ice flows into the harb ...
Iceberg Tour Newfoundland

A woman aboard the Gaffer III on a tour that takes passengers to Iceberg Alley to see the miracle world in the waters of the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada.

A trip up Iceberg Alley with Northland Discovery Boat Tours is the only way to get an excellent view of these massive ice formations in Newfoundland, Canada. This tourist takes some pictures of this iceberg on the boat tour that has the capacity ...
Boat Cruises Muskoka Ontario

Board the elegant RMS Segwun in Muskoka, Ontario and enjoy one of the many boat cruises offered on the scenic Muskoka Lakes.

The R.M.S. Segwun is one of three boats used to take passengers on cruises on the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario where you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. The R.M.S. Segwun sails daily and there are breakfast, lunch and dinners cruises to ...
Island Princess Cruises

The Island Princess in Orillia, Ontario takes visitors on cruises around the lakes.

Venture aboard the Island Princess and enjoy one of the many cruises that are offered on Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching in Orillia, Ontario. Dinner, party and lunch cruises are a few of the trips available with each one being unique in its own ...
Island Princess Ontario

Board the Island Princess in Orillia, Ontario for a journey on the waters of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching.

The Island Princess is a two story boat that offers a variety of daytime cruises, dinner cruises, party cruises and wedding cruises with all the trimmings. The main deck can accommodate one hundred and twelve passengers and the lower deck can sea ...
Grand Bank Harbour Newfoundland

Boats moored in the harbour of the quaint town of Grand Bank in Newfoundland, Canada.

Grand Bank in Newfoundland, Canada is a peaceful community located on the northern bank of the Burin Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. The town was named for the bank on the west side of the harbour and historic buildings and nicely aged homes are ...
Canoe Sunset Ontario

An ideal spot to take a rest on a canoe trip and watch the beautiful hues of the sunset in Ontario, Canada.

The sky changes an array of pink, yellow and orange colors at sunset over a serene lake in Ontario, Canada. This peaceful spot along the shore is a great place to pull a canoe up and enjoy an evening snack at sunset.Canoe at sunset, Ontario, Cana ...
Powell River Harbour British Columbia

The harbour in Powell River, British Columbia is filled with fishing boats and luxury cruisers.

Powell River in British Columbia, Canada is located on the Sunshine Coast and is a beautiful spot to visit throughout the year. Many chartered fishing excursions leave the harbour of Powell River daily or bring your own boat and enjoy some great ...
Boat Tours Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada offers boat tours to visitors who like to shower under the waterfalls.

The Maid of the Mist is a boat providing daily tours that ventures close to the American and Canadian falls at Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. Passengers aboard the boat are provided with rain coats to keep them from becoming sprayed from the powerful water ...
Steamship Segwun

The Steamship Segwun cruises the waters of the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada.

Originally built in 1887 as a paddlewheeler, the Steamship Segwun was restored in the 1970's and has become the "Best Large Attraction" in Ontario, Canada. Take a cruise aboard the Steamship Segwun on a variety of different tours that take you ar ...
LAnse Aux Meadows Newfoundland

The harbour of the quaint L'Anse aux Meadows fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada.

L'Anse-aux-Meadows fishing village, Newfoundland, Canada, North America.
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