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Brier Island

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Brier Island

Brier Island Lighthouse Picture Nova Scotia Canada

A brightly colored lighthouse which stands at Whipple Point on Brier Island in Nova Scotia, Canada watches over the dangerous water around this island.

The red and white striped structure located 0.8 miles north of Whipple Point on Brier Island in Nova Scotia, Canada is known as the Brier Island Lighthouse. Whipple Point is the Southeast extreme of the island and the lighthouse is a necessity fo ...
Westport Harbour Fishing Boats Brier Island Nova Scotia

A small, but quaint town where fishing boats tie up to the wharf in the harbour of Westport located on Brier Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Vibrant colors on the fishing boats fill the harbour in the town of Westport on Brier Island, Nova Scotia where they remain docked along the wharf on a sunny day. Brier Island is a beautiful place located along the coastal shores of Nova Scotia a ...
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