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Champ De Mars Old Montreal

This beautiful park like setting known as the Champ-de-Mars in Old Montreal, Quebec is located in front of the City Hall.

Champ-de-Mars in Old Montreal, Quebec is a public park in today's world but it was once used as a military parade ground. This park sits in front of City Hall and adorns the landscape with small pieces around the park representing Montreal's fort ...
Seal Cove Harbour New Brunswick

Buildings on stilts sit along the waterfront of Seal Cove Harbour in New Brunswick, Canada with houses set back on the landscape.

Sticks protrude from the water near the grassy banks of Seal Cove Harbour in New Brunswick, Canada with buildings on stilts adorning the opposite side. This small village nestled in the harbour is a refreshing break from the fast pace life that p ...
Battle Harbour Buildings Southern Labrador

The fog rolls in along the coastline of Battle Harbour in Southern Labrador where the buildings that house the Cook House and Bunkhouses sit upon this historic island.

The cook house and bunkhouses are just a few of the buildings to view in this historic fishing village of Battle Harbour located at the entrance to St. Lewis Inlet in Southern Labrador, Canada. Battle Harbour is a fascinating place to explore and ...
Bank Canada Ottawa Ontario

The glass facade of the Bank of Canada in the Upper Town of Ottawa, Ontario with the exterior having benches and trees in a park like setting.

The twelve storey building housing the Bank of Canada is situated in the Upper city of Ottawa, Ontario with a tinted glass facade. Outside the Bank of Canada, you can relax on a bench and enjoy the park like terrace. Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, No ...
Vacation Cabin Algonquin Provincial Park

A beautiful and peaceful place to spend a week or two of vacation in this cabin amongst the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

An extended home away from home is this cabin that rests along the shoreline between Whitefish Lake and Rock Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. This is a true vacation where you can enjoy the tranquility of the wilderness as yo ...
Montgomery Heritage House Prince Edward Island

A setting which began a dream come true for Lucy Maud Montgomery when she was born in this heritage house in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

This heritage house painted green and white with a white picket fence surrounding the garden is where Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, was born in 1874. Restored and kept in immaculate condition, this heritage house is open t ...
Old Montreal Restaurant Quebec Canada

As you stroll along the Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal in Quebec, Canada you will find this sign that sits above the door to a small restaurant.

To take in the full atmosphere along Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, stop for a meal in this unique restaurant housed inside this old stone building. The cleanliness along the sidewalk of the Rue Saint Paul and the well kept bu ...
City Hall Place Vauquelin Fountain Montreal

A picturesque fountain stands in the centre of Place Vauquelin with the Montreal City Hall bordering the edges of the square.

The large fountain in Place Vauquelin in Montreal is a great place to watch the crowds of people during the summer months and listen to the sounds of the splashing water. The Montreal City Hall and Palace of Justice in Old Montreal, Quebec surrou ...
Montreal Tower Olympic Park Quebec

The Montreal Tower in Olympic Park in Montreal, Quebec is the highest inclined tower throughout the world.

Standing on the ground by the stadium in Olympic Park in Montreal, Quebec looking up at the Montreal Tower, you can see the incline of the building and how it sits at a forty-five degree angle. The Montreal Tower reaches an elevation of 175 metre ...
Battle Harbour Boardwalk Southern Labrador

The fog rolls in around Battle Harbour in Southern Labrador which makes the walk along the boardwalk seem eerie but mystical.

The view from the boardwalk in the historic fishing village of Battle Harbour in Southern Labrador becomes somewhat obscure when the fog slowly thickens and settles in the harbour. The ferry boat sits at the end of the dock in Battle Harbour wait ...
Indian Cove Fishing Stages Southern Labrador

A rickety old dock and fishing stages line the shores of Indian Cove on Great Caribou Island in Southern Labrador, Canada.

Indian Cove is a small fishing community located on Great Caribou Island in Southern Labrador, Canada and the coastline of this village is made up of fishing stages. The old wooden dock is still used by the fishermen of Indian Cove as this is whe ...
Tobermory Visitor Centre Bruce Peninsula Ontario

A Canada flag blows in the breeze above the visitor centre in Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

When visiting Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, stop at the visitor centre where you can find out any information that you may be looking for about the surrounding area. At the visitor centre you can climb a tower for a scenic ...
Quebec City Place Royale Buildings Canada

On a sunny day, people love to stroll amongst the stone buildings that make up the uniqueness of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada.

Old stone buildings at Place Royale that are attached to each other make up the architecture of some of the area of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. People stroll throughout the buildings as they browse through the unique shops in search of the perfect souveni ...
Muskoka Wharf Gravenhurst Ontario

Attached to a brown and white building, the Muskoka Wharf signs is displayed in large letters for visitors to Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Muskoka Wharf is a place full of life where visitors to Gravenhurst, Ontario will find heritage buildings, unique shops and fabulous restaurants. Stroll along the wharf and visit all the interesting places such as the steamship docks, the Muskoka ...
Gros Morne BB Accommodations Aunt Janes

The sign outside of these accommodations welcomes visitors to Aunt Jane's Bed and Breakfast and to browse the gift store in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

Aunt Jane's Place is a bed and breakfast with five rooms located in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada that welcomes guests to enjoy their accommodations in a historic house. The cost is reasonable and you can kill two birds with on ...
Fishing Huts Southern Labrador

Old wooden fishing huts have seen better days as they stand along the shore in Indian Cove in Southern Labrador in Canada.

The small fishing community of Indian Cove on Great Caribou Island in Southern Labrador, Canada still has old rickety huts that line the waterfront. At one time, these fishing stages were used regularly but now the roofs and walls barely remain e ...
Downtown Montreal Quebec Canada

Tall skyscrapers make up the city skyline of Montreal, Quebec in Canada with the St. Lawrence River adorning the backdrop.

The downtown core of Montreal, Quebec in Canada has many tall buildings that are homes to many professional business offices which makes up the fast paced city streets. Standing at Mount Royal Park in Montreal, the view is spectacular and you can ...
Tall Buildings Downtown Toronto

Along the landscape, tall buildings line the city skyline of the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

The sun reflects off of the tall city buildings in Toronto, Ontario which is where a majority of the action in the downtown area takes place. On a daily basis, people speed in and out of the tall buildings on the way to and home from work. Downtown Toro ...
Alberta Temple Landscape Cardston

The landscape outside the entranceway to the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Southern Alberta is kept perfectly manicured at all times.

The Alberta Temple is one of the most magnificent structures of church architecture that you will find throughout Cardston in Southern Alberta, Canada. Tulips flourish in the well kept gardens, the grass and trees are trimmed to perfection which ...
Merrickville Village Ontario Canada

Merrickville in Ontario, Canada is a beautiful village with an abundance of heritage buildings adorning the streets.

In the village of Merrickville in Ontario, Canada you will find the atmosphere of a lively Victorian village with amazing heritage buildings on every street corner. Merrickville is a unique village where there are scenic views of the Rideau Canal ...
Harbour Ice St Anthony Newfoundland

Pack ice blocks the harbour of St. Anthony, Newfoundland during the spring and summer months so most people are stranded on land.

Large pieces of pack ice with beautiful hues of blue clog up the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada which prevents any commercial fishermen from leaving the harbour until it thaws. A building, cars, mountain side and green grass make ...
Alberta Temple Church Entrance Gates

The gates to the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Southern Alberta in Canada are opened for any visitors wanting to come to the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints.

Once you enter the gates to the Alberta Temple or the Church of Latter Day Saints in Cardston, Southern Alberta, the first vision is of the amazing architecture of the front entrance. The gates, grounds and building are just a small taste of the ...
Bonne Bay Marine Research Station Newfoundland

The Bonne Bay Marine Station in Newfoundland Labrador in Canada was first opened in 2002 as a research and training building.

Marine ecology is a very important part of our world and the people at the Bonne Bay Marine Station in Norris Point in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador spend their time doing research and training of the marine world. At the mari ...
Pillars Alberta Temple

The white granite pillars are an impressive sight to see when you walk up to the entranceway of the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Alberta.

The architecture of the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Southern Alberta is some of the finest of any of the churches throughout Alberta. The enormous white granite pillars are just the beginning to what lays ahead inside and on the grounds of the Ch ...
Historic Home Newfoundland

A beautiful historic home located in the town of Woody Point in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador in Canada.

A visit to the historic town of Woody Point in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador is a quaint place to stay along the beautiful waterfront where you will find many heritage buildings. A home like this has many years of history behi ...
Latter Day Saints Church Alberta

White granite pillars line the entrance of this Latter Day Saints Church in Cardston, Alberta with gold lettering displayed above.

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Cardston, Alberta is quite an architectural masterpiece that one should see for themselves. The white pillars and gold letters at the entrance to the church are just a small sample of the stunning d ...
City Buildings Quebec

White framed windows pronounce the stone buildings in the region of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada.

The stone buildings in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada all in a row with the same colored blue roofs and bright white framed windows, stand out amongst the more modernized parts of the city. The doors are the ideal match with the many windows on the face of th ...
CN Tower Skyscraper Toronto

Reaching heights unknown this skyscraper known as the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario is the largest building structure in the world.

When you visit Toronto, Ontario you will not miss the CN Tower as it is the tallest skyscraper in the city and throughout the world. As it reaches its peak height of about 1,815 feet, the clouds above downtown Toronto seem to swirl around the top. CN To ...
Woody Point Heritage Theatre

Woody Point Heritage Theatre in Newfoundland, Canada was built in 1908 and is one of the many historic buildings located in Gros Morne National Park.

Before this theatre was named Woody Point Heritage Theatre it was called the Lord Nelson Orange Lodge and has since become a heritage building on historic property in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador in Canada. While visiting Woo ...
Toronto Downtown Skyline

Tall skyscrapers extend across the skyline of the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario in the early morning hours.

The thousands of night lights of the buildings and waterfront began to fade as dawn settles in around the downtown area of the Toronto City , Ontario. Early morning brings the onset of another busy day in Toronto, Ontario as the buildings stretch across the sk ...
Downtown Toronto Sunrise

Sunrise in downtown Toronto, Ontario brings the exciting city to life as the night lights start to fade and people are ready to begin another day.

The Hudson's Bay Company sits on a corner of downtown at an intersection in Toronto, Ontario where the lights illuminate the windows of the building. At sunrise, the sky begins to brighten, the cars begin to flow through the downtown core and eventually ...
Downtown Vancouver Buildings

People rest in the small park in front of the tall skyscraper buildings in the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Many people that tour or work in the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia like to stop and rest in the parks that are surrounded by the buildings that tower above them. Sunny skies over Vancouver, make this park the ideal place to relax amongst the skyscr ...
Hamilton Ontario Downtown

The downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario is home to many tall buildings and small parks.

The scenery surrounding this area of downtown Hamilton, Ontario reflects in the skyscrapers on beautiful sunny days. Many businesses and their employees come to work in these buildings and take their breaks in the parks to enjoy some fresh air.Do ...
Downtown Hamilton Ontario

Tall office buildings and this pretty park are just a few of the sights in the downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario.

On a beautiful sunny day, the clouds and city buildings reflect in this tall office building in downtown Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. In the foreground you can sit and relax in the pretty park and watch the clouds pass by in the reflection of the ...
Quebec City nice place

Nice buildings in Quebec City downtown, Quebec, Canada, North America.

City life and several nice houses in downtown Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.
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