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Selection of our Labrador Photos and Pictures. Explore Labrador through this exciting gallery of photographs, highlighting the region’s wild beauty and richly varied history. (There are 245 pictures in photo gallery Labrador Photos)

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Labrador Photos

Iceberg Aerial Charlottetown

An aerial shot of an iceberg floating in a bay along the coast of Southern Labrador near Charlottetown in Labrador, Canada.

An aerial view of an iceberg gives one a different perspective than being in a boat along side one. The part of the iceberg that is submerged looks very green in the ocean waters as the snowy white peak begins to melt along the coast of Southern ...
Newfoundland Dog Southern Labrador

The Newfoundland dog named Ella poses for the camera at the Rifflin Hitch Lodge close to the Eagle River in Southern Labrador.

Ella the Newfoundland Dog, sits quietly near the Eagle River in Southern Labrador in Labrador, Canada as we snap some pictures of her sporting her red scarf. A Newfoundland dog has a very gentle disposition, is very loyal to its owners and are gr ...
Salmon Meal Rifflin Hitch Lodge

These salmon slices are one meal that is listed on the exquisite menu at the dining table at the Rifflin Hitch Lodge in Southern Labrador.

A platter of salmon slices at the Rifflin' Hitch Lodge that are served at the dining table where all guests can sit down together, enjoy a meal and get acquainted. Fishing is exceptional in the waters around Rifflin Hitch Lodge in Southern Labrad ...
Lake Melville Southern Labrador

The Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador are home to wetlands, rivers and fish habitats and from here you get an aerial view of Lake Melville.

The Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador are over a kilometer above Lake Melville where you will find a wide range of wilderness where the caribou, moose, bears and eagles reside. Lake Melville is an extension of Hamilton Inlet and the lake itsel ...
Labrador Coast Iceberg

Beautiful large Iceberg along the Labrador coast

Details of an Iceberg with beautiful colors, photographed along the southern Labrador coast.

Iceberg, Atlantic Coast, Labrador, Canada, North America

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