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Night Pictures

Bonsecours Market Reflections Montreal Quebec

Night is a spectacular time of day around the Bonsecours Basin in Montreal, Quebec as the reflections of the market shimmer in the calm water.

Looking across the Bonsecours Basin at night in Old Montreal and Old Port in Montreal, Quebec the Bonsecours Market creates a mirror image in the water. The sky still has the soft pastel colours during sunset above the market but evening is not f ...
Dancing Northern Lights Churchill Manitoba

Magical dancing green Northern Lights make themselves known as they perform a fascinating display across the sky above the Hudson Bay and Churchill, Manitoba.

Across the horizon, the moon brightens up the landscape over the Hudson Bay and the town of Churchill, Manitoba as the Northern Lights perform their enchanting dance. These spectacular dancing lights are incredible to watch and the town folk of C ...
Northern Lights Display Churchill Manitoba

When the Northern Lights display their magic over the town of Churchill, Manitoba, many people bring out their cameras to capture the moment.

The sky is lit up with a spectacular display of the Northern Lights over the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. The green coloring of the Northern Lights dance amongst the stars that shine brightly through the green lighting of the Churchill ...
Northern Lights Picture Churchill Manitoba

This picture displays the green colors of the Northern Lights blocking the stars as they perform their magic in the sky over the town of Churchill, Manitoba.

While watching the Northern Lights, let your imagine run wild and create different pictures in the display of lights across the sky above Churchill, Manitoba. This picture could be of a large genie escaping from his bottle ready to grant somebody ...
Night Scenery Downtown Montreal

Beautiful scenery surrounds the downtown area of Montreal, Quebec at dusk when the night lights reflect across the water.

The night lights begin to illuminate the downtown core of Montreal in Quebec, Canada as the sunset colors across the sky and the buildings reflect in the Bonsecours Basin in Old Montreal. Thin wisps of clouds hang behind the skyscrapers in downto ...
Full Moon Picture

The full moon hangs over the landscape of Churchill, Manitoba and brightens up the area enough to capture a picture.

When the moon is full, it emits an incredible amount of light and as this full moon rises above the landscape of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, it brightens up the entire wilderness area. Thin clouds float across the face of the moon wit ...
Northern Lights Churchill Manitoba

Above the town of Churchill, Manitoba, the Northern Lights dance across the sky displaying a spectacular light show.

Churchill, Manitoba is a destination where the Northern Lights are quite a common sight as they dance throughout the nights skies especially during the Fall and Spring. There are many myths and legends behind the Northern Lights and to what their ...
Toronto Night Traffic

The streets, bridges and main drags in Toronto, Ontario at night still has lots of traffic heading in different directions.

As each car crosses over the bridge and through the streets at night in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, the lights leave long streaks of red and white behind. The traffic in Toronto is always fairly heavy as people are always busy and heading to different pl ...
Skyline Night Calgary

The Calgary skyline at night with lights in Alberta, Canada, North America.

Beautiful city of Calgary at night, Alberta, Canada, North America.
Toronto City City Hall Night

The City Hall of Toronto at night with lit fountain - downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.

The City Hall of Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.
People Nightlife Downtown Toronto

People enjoying nightlife at downtown Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.

Bustling nightlife, Downtown Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.
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