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Market Fresh Vegetables

A display of fresh vegetables at a market in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

The market in Toronto, Ontario is one of the best places to buy fresh vegetables. A large assortment of vegetables are displayed in the streets at the market and the earlier you arrive the better choices you have. Markets, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Nort ...
Stone House Sault Ste Marie

A window on an old stone house in Sault Ste Marie in Ontario, Canada.

The wooden shutters shade this window on an old stone house in the city of Sault Ste Marie in Ontario, Canada. At one time this was the typical style of house that was built with great care and attention in Sault Ste Marie.Old Stone House, Sault ...
Discovery Harbour Ontario

Discovery Harbour in Ontario, Canada is located on Penetanguishene Bay that takes tourists back to the British naval and military days.

A picturesque piece of history is Discovery Harbour in Ontario, Canada where visitors enjoy the refurbished version of the 19th century where British naval and military forces once defended Upper Canada. Also at Discovery Harbour you can view rep ...
Parry Sound Lake Huron Ontario

An aerial view of Parry Sound and a few of the 30,000 Islands in Lake Huron, Ontario.

On many of the islands in Parry Sound in Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada you will find houses built atop these quiet chunks of land. This aerial was taken on a water plane adventure where you get a beautiful scenic view of Parry Sound and all the 30, ...
Rambutan Fruit Toronto

Rambutan makes a brilliant display of fruit at the market in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario.

For those who love the bright red fruit with green or yellow hairs covering the outside known as the Rambutan, head to the Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario when it is season. When you crack the shell of the Rambutan fruit, you will find an egg shape ...
Resting Grizzly Bear

An adult grizzly bear resting in the wilderness of Alaska in the United States.

Whether a grizzly bear is resting or fully awake, you must always be careful around them as they are always aware of their surroundings. This grizzly bear in Alaska, USA is a little more relaxed and gave us the opportunity to get a little closer ...
Kluane Lake Camper Yukon

A camper enjoys the scenery that surrounds Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory in Canada.

There are plenty of beautiful scenic places to park your camper while traveling in Kluane National Park in the Yukon Territory in Canada. Kluane Lake reflects a mirror image of the surrounding hillsides, clouds and trees.An RV Camper beside Kluan ...
Island Princess Ontario

Board the Island Princess in Orillia, Ontario for a journey on the waters of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching.

The Island Princess is a two story boat that offers a variety of daytime cruises, dinner cruises, party cruises and wedding cruises with all the trimmings. The main deck can accommodate one hundred and twelve passengers and the lower deck can sea ...
Highway 40 Alberta

Highway 40 meanders through the mountain peaks in Kananaski Country in Alberta, Canada.

Highwood Pass is at the summit of Highway 40 that reaches heights of 7239 feet in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. This highway is only opened from the middle of June to the end of November as the road can become very treacherou ...
Dempster Highway Biker

A biker with a full load travels along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon Territory.

The Dempster Highway in the Yukon Territory, Canada is a well traveled gravel road used by trucks, vehicles and bikers and there are a few passes that are fairly elevated with steep up and down slopes. This is a challenge for bikers but everythin ...
Cochrane Ontario Polar Bear

A large polar bear statue stands tall and welcomes visitors into the town of Cochrane, Ontario.

Cochrane, Ontario is a friendly town situated in the middle of the Great Clay Belt at the Northern Eastern end of Ontario. Thepolar bear statue is the town's mascot that stands at the entrance of the town and has been given the name "Chimo" which translates ...
Hoo Doo Trail Sign

Follow the sign on Highway 10 that takes you on a journey of the badlands along the Hoo Doo Trail in Alberta, Canada.

A sign lets you know that you are on the right track to the Hoo Doo Trail that takes you on Highway 10 for twenty-five kilometers. The Hoo Doos are very fragile sandstone pillars with a large stone that sits on top which have been created over mi ...
Hamilton Ontario Downtown

The downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario is home to many tall buildings and small parks.

The scenery surrounding this area of downtown Hamilton, Ontario reflects in the skyscrapers on beautiful sunny days. Many businesses and their employees come to work in these buildings and take their breaks in the parks to enjoy some fresh air.Do ...
Large Nickel Sudbury

A large nickel that stands outside the Dynamic Earth Science Centre in Sudbury, Ontario.

A large display which is known as the Big Nickel is erected at the Dynamic Earth Science Centre in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. This nickel is the largest in the world and is an exact copy of the nickel that was produced in 1951.Nickel mine, Sudbu ...
Hotel Champlain Orillia

The Hotel Champlain in Orillia, Ontario has its own set of unique traits and charm.

The Hotel Champlain in Orillia, Ontario was built in 1932 and has been restored over the years to capture its same original uniqueness. The hotel is ideally located close to the downtown core of Orillia and within walking distance to the waterfro ...
Forest Fire Smoke Yukon picture

Smoke from a forest fire is a sight that is fairly common in the Yukon Territory in Canada.

Billowing smoke fills the sky from a forest fire that burns behind the hills near Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. The smoke from this forest fire could hang around the Yukon for days, weeks or months depending on the extremity of the ...
Point Pelee National Park Boardwalk

The Marsh Boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park in Ontario, Canada meanders across the marshlands.

As you stroll along the Marsh Boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park in Ontario, Canada you can view unique plants and vegetation that grows amongst these marshlands. People also enjoy to canoe along the waterway to get a closer look at the many ...
Autumn Trees Nova Scotia

Beautiful colored autumn leaves start to fall off the trees in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The grass begins to be covered in the stunning colored leaves that fall from the trees in the Autumn months in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is a picture of beauty in Autumn when the trees change into an array of colors.Autumn Colours, Nova Sc ...

Pelicans sitting along the lake in the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lakes, rivers and marshlands around the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, Canada is where Pelicans like to occupy some of their time during the day. These areas are ideal spots for Pelicans to forage for fish. Pelicans in the Qu'Appelle Valley, ...
Kayaking Johnstone Strait British Columbia

A kayaker silently paddles through Johnstone Strait off the coast of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada on a kayaking adventure.

A solo kayak moves silently through the pristine waters of Johnstone Strait off the coast of Northern Vancouver Island,British Columbia in Canada. Opportunities for recreation on the water abound in this particular region with a vast amount of kayaking trips available. Kayak, Jo ...
Changing Guard Ceremony Ottawa

The Changing of the Guard Ceremony takes place in the summer months on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario.

A daily event that happens in the months of June, July and August atop Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada is the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard. Tourists flock to this event to see this colorful and traditional event performed by the mi ...
Chinatown Spices

An assortment of spices on display at a market in Chinatown in Canada.

If you are looking for spices to add flavoring to your cooking, try the markets in Chinatown in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Many stalls sell different spices but this particular one has a spice for every occasion. China Town, Spices, Canada, North Americ ...
Niagara Horseshoe Falls Ontario

Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada attracts many tourists annually but not all days are as picturesque as this one with the rainbow over the Horseshoe Falls.

The spray from the raging waters at the base of the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada creates a prominent rainbow above the falls. There are various lookouts to view the Horseshoe Falls but from this one you get the complete picture with a ra ...
Fly Fishing Vancouver Island

Fly fishing on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is amongst the best anywhere in the world.

The streams and rivers of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia provide fly fishing that compares favourably with the rest of Canada, or indeed the rest of the world. Because of the number of streams like this, a fisherman's success is based solely on his or her ab ...
Legislative Building British Columbia

The Legislative Building in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the seat of Provincial law-making and the centre of political power in the Province.

The British Columbia Legislature in Victoria is both the seat of political power, the home of the Provincial Government and a considerable tourist attraction in its own right. The architectural style of the Legislative Building is part of the Old-World English ch ...
Bear Sign Wells Gray

A sign warning people of the consequences of feeding a bear in Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.

Feeding a bear is extremely dangerous not only to humans but it is also endangering the bear. This sign in Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada provides information about the bears and the possible outcome if a bear is fed. Wells ...
Howe Sound Scenery British Columbia

A beautiful sunny day nearing sunset and the scenery that surrounds Howe Sound in British Columbia, Canada.

The picturesque drive along the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia, Canada has breathtaking scenery overlooking Howe Sound. Howe Sound extends from West Vancouver up to Squamish and has some of British Columbia's finest scenery which is a paradise for outdoor ...

A Mink Frog rests in the waters of the Mersey River in Nova Scotia, Canada.

A peaceful Mink frog sits idle in the Mersey River in Nova Scotia, Canada enjoying the serenity that surrounds him. The Mink Frog prefers the quieter atmospheres in waters where there are plenty of plants and growth that they can use to take cove ...
Citadelle Quebec City

Standing at the Citadelle you get a stunning view of Quebec City in Canada.

The gardens of the historic site of Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada is an excellent viewpoint to overlook the waterfront of the city. Heritage buildings, commercial businesses, parks, hotels and beaches stretch along the coastline of Quebec City. Quebec Ci ...
Salmon Glacier British Columbia

Salmon Glacier in British Colubmia, Canada is an awesome example of the land-shaping power of a river of ice.

An example of one of natures most powerful features, the Salmon Glacier has been reshaping the landscape since the last ice-age. The glacier is juxtaposed nicely with delicate high-altitude wildflowers. The Salmon Glacier borders between Alaska, USA and ...
Killer Whale Vancouver Island British Columbia

Killer Whale porpoising in Johnstone Strait off of the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada is a magnificent sight for both locals and tourists to see.

A Killer Whale performing a maneuver known as porpoising in Johnstone Strait off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia is a wonderful sight for anyone to see. The Northern Resident Killer Whales or Orcinus Orca, as they are known, will range from Campbell River all the way North ...
Ontario Islands Aerial

Aerial view of the railway and the 30,000 Islands in Parry Sound, Ontario in Canada.

A tour of the 30,000 Islands in Parry Sound or Georgian Bay, Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada is breathtaking from a water plane. It is amazing to get an aerial shot of the surrounding area and actually see how many little islands exist in these wat ...
Whistler Skier British Columbia

A skier in action as he swooshes through the beautiful snow at Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada.

Under brilliant sunny skies a skier enjoys the day at Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. This winter wonderland is a dream for every skier and the scenery is stunning from the slopes. Skier, Whistler Mountain, winter, Whistler, British ...
Toronto Ontario Sunrise

The peacefulness at sunrise surrounds the fast paced city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

The downtown area of Toronto, Ontario just starts to wake up at sunrise for another busy day in the city. The CN Tower, the Skydome and other business buildings silhouette the skyline at sunrise. Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America skyline ...
Wheat Pool Silo Alberta

A wheat pool silo in Milk River, Alberta showing the importance of agriculture to this region.

A wheat pool silo in Milk River, Alberta is used in many businesses as the primary service of this town is the agriculture, farms and cattle ranches. Wheat has been a very important commodity in Alberta for many years and will continue to be so f ...
Log Barge British Columbia

A log barge containing huge quantities of wood from the forests of British Columbia is a common sight on many rivers.

A fully loaded log barge coming down one of British Columbia's many rivers is a very impressive sight. A tugboat pulling a big barge is a fairly common sight seen in the waters around British Columbia, Canada. Log Barge, British Columbia, Canada, North America
Fields British Columbia Canada

Fields and mountains often go hand in hand on farms in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.

Panoramic views of mountain ranges and often river valleys are frequently part of the overall ambiance of farms in British Columbia, Canada. Fields, British Columbia, Canada, North America
Autumn Leaves New Brunswick

Raindrops left on Autumn leaves in Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, Canada.

Colorful leaves in Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, Canada cover the trees in the Autumn season. The leaves slowly start to dry out after rainfalls and begin to crumble as winter nears in New Brunswick.Kouchibouguac National Park, Ne ...
Waterloo St Jacobs Train Ontario

A great way for tourists to travel between Waterloo and St. Jacobs in Ontario, Canada is by train.

The Waterloo-St. Jacobs train in Ontario, Canada is the ideal way to do some sightseeing as the train makes three stops between these towns where you can disembark and then board again on a later train. The 6520 diesel locomotive was built in 195 ...
Twillingate Dock Newfoundland

Along the shore in Twillingate, Newfoundland stands an old dock and a couple of updated boathouses.

At low tide along the shore in Twillingate, Newfoundland stands an old shabby dock and a small motor boat anchored in the harbour. Twillingate is known as the Iceberg Capital of the World as you can see by the massive ones that float by in the ba ...
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