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Rock Formation Pictures

Twillingate Coastline Newfoundland

The coastline of Notre Dame Bay near Twillingate, Newfoundland is very rugged as the ocean waves crash against the large rocks.

Rugged rock formations line the coastline near Twillingate, Newfoundland where the power of the ocean can send the spray from the waves high in the air. This section of the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Newfoundland is an extremely picturesque plac ...
Lake Melville Southern Labrador

The Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador are home to wetlands, rivers and fish habitats and from here you get an aerial view of Lake Melville.

The Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador are over a kilometer above Lake Melville where you will find a wide range of wilderness where the caribou, moose, bears and eagles reside. Lake Melville is an extension of Hamilton Inlet and the lake itsel ...
Hoodoo Southern Alberta

A close up picture of a hoodoo that is a unique rock formation found along the Hoodoos Interpretative Trail in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Canada.

This fascinating rock formation known as a Hoodoo has been created over 15,000 years and is made up of sandstone layers with a top that is called a caprock. The tops protect the sandstone layers from eroding away. As you venture along the Hoodoo ...
Cape Chignecto Three Sisters

The rock formation

Rock formation The Three Sisters in Cape Chignecto, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America.
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