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Summer Pictures

Newfoundland Ferry Boat Bow

As the Marine Atlantic Ferry nears Port aux Basques, Newfoundland in Canada the massive bow of the boat heads towards the dock at the terminal.

Making the crossing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland is an extremely scenic trip. The bow of this ferry boat is heading towards the terminal at Port aux Basques where passengers disem ...
Wheat Farming Alberta

Acres of wheat fields covering the farming landscape along Highway 5 in Southern Alberta, Canada.

As you drive along Highway 5 between the two towns of Cardston and Spring Coulee in Southern Alberta, Canada a majority of the landscape is made up of perfectly kept farming land. This particular field is two shades of hues as these farmlands hav ...
River Raft Hoodoos

Amongst the Hoodoos in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, a raft floats down the Milk River.

An easy way to get down the Milk River and view the Hoodoos in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Canada is to relax on a raft. The Milk River flows between these fascinating rock formations and you can easily disembark your raft ...
Latter Day Saints Church Alberta

White granite pillars line the entrance of this Latter Day Saints Church in Cardston, Alberta with gold lettering displayed above.

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Cardston, Alberta is quite an architectural masterpiece that one should see for themselves. The white pillars and gold letters at the entrance to the church are just a small sample of the stunning d ...
Ice Sculptures Newfoundland

Pack ice seems to create its own sculptures tinged with blue and green coloring during the summers months in St. Anthony's Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada.

Let your imagination go wild and picture different sculptures that are naturally created by the pack ice in the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada. Each year the pack ice floats into St Anthony Harbour until it melts and people either ...
Ice Mountain St Anthony

A large piece of pack ice resembles that of an ice mountain along the shores of St Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada.

During the summer months in the harbour of St Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada, pack ice moves in and can hang around for months as it begins the melting process. This large chunk of ice on the shore looks like a small mountain with larger mountai ...
Highway Traffic Alberta

Driving along Highway 3 in Southern Alberta, the traffic never seems to be overwhelming so you can enjoy your trip through the Prairies.

Highway 3 stretches for miles across the Prairies in Southern Alberta, Canada where farmlands and farm houses are the scenery along your travels. Summer months brings many tourists but as you can see in this picture, traffic moves along at a good ...
Bras D Or Lake Nova Scotia

From a viewpoint on Kelly's Mountain you can see the Northern Basin of Bras d'Or Lake in Nova Scotia, Canada which is known as the Great Bras d'Or.

Standing atop Kelly's Mountain in Nova Scotia, Canada at the overlook you get a beautiful scenic view of the Great Bras d'Or which is part of the Northern Basin of the Bras d'Or Lake. The Bras d'Or Lake is a large lake which takes over the centre ...
Prairie Road Alberta

A long stretch of road through the prairie landscape near Pincher Creek in Southern Alberta in Alberta, Canada.

As you drive this straight road known as Highway 3 through Southern Alberta, Canada you will see farmland on either side of the road for miles. The prairie countryside seems to extend forever but the sign lets you know you only have eighteen kilo ...
Orion Alberta Welcome Sign

Along Highway 61 you will approach a welcome sign to the small and near abandoned town of Orion in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Once you arrive at the "Welcome to Orion" sign along Highway 61 in Southern Alberta, Canada you may want to hang around and explore the town that is nearly abandoned. Established in 1916 this town has had some very hard times and now there are on ...
Milk River Southern Alberta

The Milk River meanders its way along the Hoodoos Interpretive Trail in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Looking across the landscape in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Hoodoos extend along the banks of the Milk River. The Hoodoos Interpretive Trail is a fascinating place to see these unique rock formations and view the beauty ...
Nova Scotia Marine Atlantic Ferry

The MV Caribou is loading and unloading at the Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal in North Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada.

The MV Caribou Ferry loads up passengers and vehicles in the port in North Sydney, Nova Scotia to take another journey across the Strait of Belle Isle. The trip across the strait takes approximately five and a half hours once it departs from Nova ...
Alberta Scenery

Along Highway 5 in Alberta, Canada the scenery in Waterton Lakes National Park is stunning with the mountain range, green landscape and the edge of Middle Waterton Lake.

Highway 5 will take you to the beautiful scenery that surrounds Waterton Lakes National Park and this viewpoint along the Highway is an excellent place to rest. The snow covered peaks of the mountain range, green landscape that extends for miles ...
Newfoundland Accommodations

Accommodations at the Tuckamore Lodge are a superb place while on the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada.

Surrounded by wilderness and the clean, fresh air of the area around Main Brook, Newfoundland is what you will find at these elegant accommodations. This Scandinavian styled lodge is everything you are looking for in accommodations where the ligh ...
Lifeboat Marine Atlantic Ferry

The Marine Atlantic Ferry system has a lifeboat attached to each ferry and this one belongs to the MV Caribou which travels between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Safety is an important factor when traveling on the Marine Atlantic Ferries and each ferry has a lifeboat nearby in the event of a emergency as you can see aboard the MV Caribou. This ferry system takes passengers and vehicles across the Strait o ...
Windmill Museum Alberta

The windmill museum in Etzikom, Alberta has a wide assortment of windmills on display that date back many years.

The windmill museum in Etzikom, Alberta is a fascinating place to visit while traveling through this part of the country. Each windmill was used in the past and there is a story of the history of each one for you to read.Various styles of windmil ...
Lounge Tuckamore Lodge

Enjoy the quietness of the lounge at the luxury accommodations of the Tuckamore Lodge in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada.

The lounge at the Tuckamore Lodge is a great place to sit and enjoy an evening cocktail looking out into the vast wilderness that surrounds the lodge in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada. The furniture and stunning wooden walls and floors in the ...
Park Bench Church

A beautifully designed park bench sits in the church gardens of the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Southern Alberta, Canada.

The stunning architecture and grounds of the Alberta Temple in Cardston, Alberta is a symbol of significance to the Mormon culture in Canada. This elegant park bench is located near the gardens of the church where people can sit and take in the scenery ...
Newfoundland Lodge

There are many places to stay while in Newfoundland, Canada but the Tuckamore Lodge is a peaceful place set away in the wilderness just outside of Main Brook.

The Tuckamore Lodge is located along a part of the Viking Trail just outside the town of Main Brook, Newfoundland amongst the wilderness and wildlife of the region. At the Tuckamore Lodge you are based along the shores of the Tuckamore Lake, clos ...
Blakiston Valley Southern Alberta

Lightly snow covered mountain peaks and lush green meadows of the Blakiston Valley along the Red Rock Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta.

The view from your campsite at the Crandell Campground in Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta, Canada is of the beautiful mountains and lush green meadows of the Blakiston Valley. The Blakiston Valley is a beautiful place for hiking ...
Pink Tulips Alberta Temple

Pink Tulips stand tall in the gardens in front of the white columns at the entrance of the Alberta Temple in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Pink tulips blossom to their fullest near the entrance to the Alberta Temple in Alberta, Canada where a beautiful garden filled with many colors is the perfect blend with the white architecture of the temple. Each pink tulip stands tall and colorful ...
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