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Saltwater Fishing Boats Newfoundland

Fishing boats sit in the saltwater of St. Anthony's harbour in Newfoundland, Canada as they wait for pack ice in the area to melt.

In the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada, fishing boats tie up to the dock as they wait for the pack ice around the harbour to thaw and disintegrate. Commercial fishing is an industry wide way of living in Newfoundland and as the boa ...
Historic Home Newfoundland

A beautiful historic home located in the town of Woody Point in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador in Canada.

A visit to the historic town of Woody Point in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Labrador is a quaint place to stay along the beautiful waterfront where you will find many heritage buildings. A home like this has many years of history behi ...
Cape Charles Southern Labrador

Along the waterfront of Cape Charles in Southern Labrador, Canada you will find some old and new fishing stages and houses.

The remote community of Cape Charles in Southern Labrador, Canada is a small fishing village along the coastline with a total population of about ninety. Old fishing stages along the water's edge and houses that sit atop the green hillside are wh ...
Orion Alberta Welcome Sign

Along Highway 61 you will approach a welcome sign to the small and near abandoned town of Orion in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Once you arrive at the "Welcome to Orion" sign along Highway 61 in Southern Alberta, Canada you may want to hang around and explore the town that is nearly abandoned. Established in 1916 this town has had some very hard times and now there are on ...
North Sydney Nova Scotia

In the foreground of this picture of the town of North Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada you will find the terminal where the Marine Atlantic Ferry docks.

The Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal of North Sydney, Nova Scotia is shown in the foreground of this picture with the other unique maritime buildings in the background. North Sydney has become a very important town in the Maritimes where travel has ...
Gravenhurst Town Ontario

Gravenhurst, Ontario is a pretty little town with a historic mural on the side of a building and quaint streets.

Flowers hang on the lamp posts with tulip banners on each one and beautiful wall murals are what makes up the charm and peacefulness that surround the town of Gravenhurst in Ontario, Canada. Small shops line the streets of the downtown area of Gr ...
Ghost Town Sign Orion Alberta

A sign welcomes people to the ghost town of Orion in Alberta, Canada where a handful of residents still reside.

This sign welcoming visitors to Orion, Alberta is one of the few things that remains standing in this ghost town along Highway 61. The town of Orion was first established in 1916 and a population of about 150 followed later with the main strip ha ...
Trinity Newfoundland

The peaceful coastal surroundings of the town of Trinity and Trinity Bay in Newfoundland, Canada.

The historic town of Trinity, Newfoundland dates back to the 16th century and it is here that you will discover what maritime actually means. Although the population of Trinity is only about 350 permanent residents, many tourists come to this tow ...
Whistler Town British Columbia

The town of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada is a popular tourist destination all year round.

Beautiful chateaus fill the town of Whistler, British Columbia with a view of the snow covered ski hills in the background. After a day on the slopes or a hike through the wilderness, enjoy the shops, restaurants and nightlife that the town of Whistler has to off ...
Fort Steele Heritage Town

Fort Steele Heritage Town in British Columbia, Canada is a fascinating trip back in time.

The heritage town in Fort Steele, British Columbia lures in thousands of visitors a year as people love to enjoy taking a step back in time and explore the days of past. Employees at the heritage town wear traditional costumes as well as act the roles of people a ...
Stony Plain Mural

A Mural om a wall in the town of Stony Plain close to Edmonton in Alberta in Canada.

Town of Stony Plain near Edmonton, Alberta, Mural, Canada, North America.
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