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Trails to the Vikings

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Trails to the Vikings

Lounge Tuckamore Lodge

Enjoy the quietness of the lounge at the luxury accommodations of the Tuckamore Lodge in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada.

The lounge at the Tuckamore Lodge is a great place to sit and enjoy an evening cocktail looking out into the vast wilderness that surrounds the lodge in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada. The furniture and stunning wooden walls and floors in the ...
Newfoundland Lodge

There are many places to stay while in Newfoundland, Canada but the Tuckamore Lodge is a peaceful place set away in the wilderness just outside of Main Brook.

The Tuckamore Lodge is located along a part of the Viking Trail just outside the town of Main Brook, Newfoundland amongst the wilderness and wildlife of the region. At the Tuckamore Lodge you are based along the shores of the Tuckamore Lake, clos ...
Clothesline Conche Newfoundland

The old fashioned way of drying clothes was to hang them on the clothesline and this is still very common in Conche, Newfoundland.

The fresh air that blows through your clothes on a clothesline gives your laundry a much fresher smell and cuts down a considerable amount on your electric bill. You will find many residents in this small town of Conche, Newfoundland that still l ...
Shrimp Fishing Boats Newfoundland

Different colours and makes of shrimp fishing boats line the dock in the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada.

Many commercial fisherman secure their livelihood by heading out daily on their shrimp fishing boats, but at certain times of the year, these boats remain docked in St Anthony Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada. When the pack ice flows into the harb ...
Iceberg Tour Newfoundland

A woman aboard the Gaffer III on a tour that takes passengers to Iceberg Alley to see the miracle world in the waters of the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada.

A trip up Iceberg Alley with Northland Discovery Boat Tours is the only way to get an excellent view of these massive ice formations in Newfoundland, Canada. This tourist takes some pictures of this iceberg on the boat tour that has the capacity ...
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