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Bonavista Town Buildings Newfoundland Canada

Behind the rocky banks along the coastline of Newfoundland, Canada sits the town of Bonavista and its historic buildings.

Historic buildings line the waterfront in the fishing town of Bonavista, Newfoundland in Canada where you will find old churches, houses and buildings dating back to the early 19th century. A small friendly town with some of the most famous historic sites and attractions some including the museum, the lighthouse, the Matthew Legacy Site, The Dungeon, The Ryan Premises, heritage buildings and a beautiful coastline where an abundance of wildlife resides.

Town of Bonavista on the Bonavista Peninsula, Highway 230, Discovery Trail, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada.

Bonavista Town Buildings Newfoundland Canada
Photo: Bonavista Town Buildings Newfoundland Canada
Picture of the buildings along the waterfront in the town of Bonavista in Newfoundland, Canada.
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