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Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Buildings Newfoundland

The historic buildings and Cape Bonavista Lighthouse along the Discovery Trail in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Cape Bonavista Lighthouse has watched over the rugged coastline of Newfoundland, Canada since it was put in place in 1843. A two storey wooden structure brightly painted in red and white houses the light which was deemed a National Historic Site in 1978.

On the second floor, an interpretive display allows people to learn the history of the lighthouse and the keepers. The buildings were also renovated and refurnished back to 1870 when Jeremiah White and his family lived here while working as the lightkeeper.

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, built in 1843 and officially opened as a National Historic Site on August 9, 1978, Bonavista Peninsula, Bonavista Bay, Discovery Trail, Newfoundland Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada.

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Buildings Newfoundland
Photo: Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Buildings Newfoundland
Picture of the red and white buildings at the site of the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse in Newfoundland, Canada.
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