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Chippewa River Falls Ontario Canada

The Chippewa River in Ontario, Canada usually flows at a much slower pace where you can view the Falls but after a storm the river floods.

After a fall storm the Chippewa River rages through the wilderness in Ontario, Canada at great heights taken with it some of the landscape. The trees that once separated the river as it gently flowed around them are now being brutalized by the force of the water. Once the river calms down again, the scenery will appear somewhat different and you will then be able to see the beauty of the Chippewa Falls.

Chippewa Falls along the Chippewa River in flood after a fall thunder storm, Ontario, Canada.

Chippewa River Falls Ontario Canada
Photo: Chippewa River Falls Ontario Canada
Picture of the flooding water over the Chippewa Falls in Ontario, Canada where trees are taken out on its fury down river.
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