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Dusk Skyline Toronto City Ontario Canada

At dusk, the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower are two of the main buildings which are brightly illuminated and decorate the skyline in the city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

As dusk settles in over the city of Toronto, Ontario, the skyline comes to life in brilliant colors as the lights from the buildings are illuminated. Rogers Center, previously the Skydome, is an indoor/outdoor sports center where many special events are held with four different restaurants and at dusk, the building lights up in purple and pink hues.

Near to Rogers Center, is the world's tallest building, the CN Tower which is a centre for tourism in the city of Toronto. Amongst these two main attractions, other buildings in the downtown core of the city are lit up and they all show off their reflections in the water as they say goodbye to another busy day in the city of Toronto.

Skyline of Toronto with CN Tower and Rogers Centre at dusk, City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Dusk Skyline Toronto City Ontario Canada
Photo: Dusk Skyline Toronto City Ontario Canada
Picture of the illuminated skyline of Toronto City in Ontario, Canada during the hours at dusk.
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