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Lake Ontario Waterfront Scenery Toronto Ontario

From the path which stretches along the waterfront of Lake Ontario, the scenery of the downtown core of Toronto is beautiful in the soft lighting.

The scenery from the waterfront trail is very calming as a soft yellow lighting hangs over the downtown Toronto buildings. Lake Ontario is like a sheet of glass as runners, walkers, cyclists and skateboarders make use of the waterfront trail and enjoy the beauty of the area.

For 350 kilometers, starting at Niagara-on-the-Lake and ending in Brockville, the trail extends along the waterfront passing through various towns, villages and cities. From this particular viewpoint, the cluster of skyscrapers in the downtown core run the length of the opposite side of Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario Waterfront, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Lake Ontario Waterfront Scenery Toronto Ontario
Photo: Lake Ontario Waterfront Scenery Toronto Ontario
Picture of the beautiful Lake Ontario waterfront scenery from the pathway which overlooks the city of Toronto, Ontario.
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