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Nova Scotia Port George Lighthouse

The Port George Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada is located along the side of the main town road as the fog bank blankets the Port George Harbour in the Bay of Fundy.

When you drive along the road to the town of Port George, Nova Scotia, the lighthouse sits next to the road overlooking the Port George Harbour which is blanketed by fog on this particular morning. Down the road sits a farmhouse and directly across the street more houses are located that also have a beautiful scenic view of the Bay of Fundy. The lighthouse stands at thirty-one feet above the water painted in the traditional lighthouse colours of red and white.

Port George Lighthouse, Port George, Bay of Fundy, Evangeline Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Nova Scotia Port George Lighthouse
Photo: Nova Scotia Port George Lighthouse
Picture of the Port George Lighthouse in the town of Port George in Nova Scotia, Canada with fog encompassing the area.
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