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Polar Bear Winter Meal Churchill Manitoba Canada

On a frozen lake in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada, a Polar Bear enjoys his meal of Ringed Seal. Winter has once again arrived in Churchill, keeping this Polar Bear happy with one of his first solid meals in months.

The lakes and landscape around Churchill, Manitoba in Canada have finally become frozen and blanketed with a layer of ice where this polar bear enjoys one of his first winter meals. This meal of Ringed Seal is a favorite for the Polar Bear and after a long summer, winter is a welcoming sight.

As this Polar Bear rips away at his meal, he keeps a close watch on the area for any unwanted visitors trying to move in on his leftovers. The Polar Bear will only eat the skin, fat and internal organs on a Ringed Seal, leaving the meat behind for any scavengers looking for a good winter meal.

Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus, eating a seal on a frozen lake near the shores of Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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Polar Bear Winter Meal Churchill Manitoba Canada
Photo: Polar Bear Winter Meal Churchill Manitoba Canada
Picture of an adult Polar Bear enjoying his meal of ringed seal on a frozen lake in the winter in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.
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