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Restaurant Sign Historic Street Old Montreal

Down a historic street in Old Montreal, Quebec, a restaurant sign is brightly painted for visitors to see.

The sign displayed outside a restaurant down the historic downtown area of Old Montreal, Quebec in Canada is easily visible painted in blue and white shades with a brownish red colored logo sign underneath. The plate showing off two happy cooks in their white hats as a fork protrudes from one side and a spoon on the other. Stars and moons encompass the plate as their name is highlighted underneath.

Behind the restaurant sign, pink flowers begin to blossom set in front of the historic building which houses this eating establishment.

Signs along Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Restaurant Sign Historic Street Old Montreal
Photo: Restaurant Sign Historic Street Old Montreal
Picture of a unique sign outside a restaurant down a historic street, the Rue Saint-Paul, in Old Montreal, Quebec.
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