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Touristy Street Historic Old Montreal Quebec

Visitors to Old Montreal, Quebec find the Rue Saint-Paul a very touristy type of street with stunning architecture towering above.

This street known as the Rue-Saint Paul in Old Montreal, Quebec is designed for the touristy groups of people looking to explore while on vacation. One of the oldest streets in the downtown core of Old Montreal, culture and history jumps at you with every step.

The cobbled street is kept very clean as people stroll along browsing the shops and window displays which lure in the tourists. Unique signs hang above every shop or restaurant and during the evening hours, the street is aglow for people who like to enjoy a romantic meal on a warm summer night.

Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, city of Montreal>, Quebec, Canada.

Touristy Street Historic Old Montreal Quebec
Photo: Touristy Street Historic Old Montreal Quebec
Picture of the touristy type of people strolling along the street in historic Old Montreal in Quebec, Canada.
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