Floatplane Pictures de Mon, 22 May 2017 14:27:44 PDT Waterplane Parry Sound Ontario Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:30:34 PDT <h2>A waterplane prepares for takeoff in the waters around the 30,000 Islands in Parry Sound in Ontario, Canada.</h2>Small clouds hover in the blue sky as a waterplane is loaded up and prepares to take passengers on an adventure over the 30,000 Islands in Parry Sound in Ontario, Canada. A waterplane is a fascinating way to see the landscape as you get a totally different perspective of the area....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> waterplane-parry-sound-ontario-757 Waterplane Beaver Propeller Sun, 16 Sep 2007 16:48:34 PDT <h2>The sun reflects off the propeller of a waterplane that tours around the 30,000 Islands of Parry Sound in Ontario, Canada.</h2>An interesting picture of the propeller of a waterplane and the internal mechanics surrounded by the bright colors painted on the waterplane. This waterplane flies above the 30,000 Islands of Parry Sound in Ontario, Canada which lets one get an aerial view of the stunning Ontario landscape below....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> waterplane-beaver-propeller-764 Tofino Float Plane Vancouver Island Thu, 31 May 2007 10:06:42 PDT <h2>A float plane that can taxi you in and out of Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.</h2>Tofino is a unique fishing village located on the West Coast of a hrefphotosvancouver-island-photos.htmVancouver Islanda, a hrefphotosbritish-columbia-photos.htmBritish Columbiaa where time seems to stand still amongst beautiful natural surroundings....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> tofino-float-plane-vancouver-island-342 Floatplanes Tofino Vancouver Island BC Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:45:55 PDT <h2>Floatplanes are often used in Tofino on Vancouver Island for flightseeing and fishing tours.</h2>Floatplane flightseeing is a popular tourist activity in Tofino on the west coast of a hrefphotosvancouver-island-photos.htmVancouver Islanda. Floatplanes are also used to bring people and food into remote fishing lodges....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> floatplanes-tofino-vancouver-island-bc-533