Hare Bay de Tue, 23 May 2017 00:06:40 PDT Iceberg Kayaking Newfoundland Sun, 3 Jun 2007 15:12:50 PDT <h2>A kayaking adventure near an iceberg in Hare Bay in Newfoundland, Canada.</h2>A kayaking adventure in Hare Bay, Newfoundland in Canada takes this man near a massive iceberg which requires extra caution. This huge white giant floats along the coast of Newfoundland for tourists to have a closer look....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> iceberg-kayaking-newfoundland-376 Adventure Camping Newfoundland Thu, 15 Feb 2007 01:19:07 PDT <h2>Kayaking and Camping at Hare Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, North America.</h2>Hiking, Kayaking and Camping wonderful adventure trips to Hare Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, North America....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> adventure-camping-newfoundland-160