Rapids de Tue, 23 May 2017 01:43:54 PDT Pinware River Gorge Landscape Southern Labrador Canada Sat, 15 Aug 2009 22:28:29 PDT <h2>The water thrashes through the Pinware River Gorge in Southern Labrador, Canada as the landscape on either side of the river consists of miles of forest.</h2>While traveling along the Labrador Coastal Drive in Southern Labrador, Canada, one can stop and overlook the landscape and the beauty of the Pinware River Gorge. Along the river, powerful rapids make their way through the gorge where either side of the banks are a reddish brown in color....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> pinware-river-gorge-landscape-southern-labrador-canada-1060 Pinware River Rapids Labrador Coastal Drive Scenery Sat, 14 Mar 2009 22:56:17 PDT <h2>While traveling along the Labrador Coastal Drive in Southern Labrador, Canada, the scenery is beautiful where you can look out over the Pinware River gorge and the fury of the rapids.</h2>As the Pinware River in Southern Labrador, Canada quickly flows, the rapids display their power and speed through the gorge which was created many years ago. The scenery of the wilderness landscape and ...<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> pinware-river-rapids-labrador-coastal-drive-scenery-1061 Pinware River Gorge Scenery Southern Labrador Canada Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:26:17 PDT <h2>From the Labardor Coastal Drive in Southern Labrador, Canada, the water in the Pinware River rages where it has carved a natural gorge through the landscape.</h2>The swiftness and power of the Pinware River has created its own gorge in the landscape where it flows for miles through the wilderness of Southern Labrador, Canada. Looking down upon the river from the ...<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> pinware-river-gorge-scenery-southern-labrador-canada-1062 White Water Rafting Thompson River Tue, 5 Jun 2007 11:13:56 PDT <h2>A group of people enjoy a white water rafting trip on the Thompson River in British Columbia, Canada.</h2>Hyak Wilderness Adventures offers some of the best white water rafting trips throughout British Columbia, Canada. This journey takes a group of white water rafting enthusiasts down The Frog along the Thompson River in a hrefphotosbritish-columbia-photos.htm British Columbiaa....<br /><a href=""><img src= /></a> white-water-rafting-thompson-river-372