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Canadian wildlife attracts photographers from around the world, with endless opportunities to take pictures of mammals and birds in their natural habitat. Below is a selection of our Canadian Wildlife Photos and Pictures. (There are 47 photos in this photo gallery.)

From the west coast to the east coast, Canada has an exceptional abundance and diversity of wildlife. The coast of British Columbia, at Canada’s western edge, is a great place to see and photograph pods of whales, including Orcas, dolphins and other marine life.

Forested and mountainous, BC is home to many cougars, or mountain lions, large and elusive cat-like animals that are rarely seen. Vancouver Island, a large island at BC’s western edge, is the only place where the rare and endangered Vancouver Island Marmot resides.

Jasper and Banff National Parks in the Rocky Mountains are some of the best places for wildlife viewing in the country. ... ...continue under photos...

Red Fox Picture

A sleek Red Fox wanders through Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

This Red Fox in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA does not look like the friendliest as he roams the trails and tries to figure out what we are doing there. The Red Fox can be unpredictable and you never know if they will just wander past or be ...
Snow White Arctic Fox Picture

Against the Hudson Bay coastline in Churchill, Manitoba the snow white colored fur of the Arctic Fox blends in with the landscape.

During the winter season along the shoreline of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, passengers aboard the tours will often see an Arctic Fox foraging for food. The snow white color of the Arctic Fox is camouflage for this mammal during the win ...
Golden Lion Tamarin Animal Picture

This fuzzy brown animal is a Golden Lion Tamarin that resides at the Biodome de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec.

This Golden Lion Tamarin uses his sharp claws to cling to the tree in his habitat of the Tropical Forest at the Biodome de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec. An animal that is high on the endangered species list with only about 1,000 left in the wild ...

This young cougar in British Columbia, Canada scopes out his territory from atop a large rock.

Surrounded by the lush green forest of British Columbia, Canada, a young cougar finds a clearing to see what is lurking about. Even though the cougar is the largest wild cat throughout British Columbia, it is extremely graceful and able to move very quickly. A young cou ...
Orca Family Vancouver Island

A family of Orca stay close together on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

A beautiful picture of a family of Orca as they leisurely swim the waters of Johnstone Strait off Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The mist from their blowholes hangs in the air as each family member comes to the surface for a breath of air. Killer whales i ...
Coyote Pup

A brave coyote pup comes to check out the strange camera equipment in Canada, North America.

It will not take long for this coyote pup seen in Canada, North America to grow into his large ears. A coyote pup is usually born in late April through early May where it spends the summer with its family and then come Fall heads off to find its ...
Picture Bighorn Sheep Jasper National Park

A bighorn sheep eating grass in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, North America.

Bighorn Sheep, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, North America.
Arctic Wolf

An Arctic Wolf in his natural environment explores the area around him before moving on.

The Arctic Wolf is a beautiful animal and as an adult usually stands around three feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. They vary in color from white, red, gray and black and can be found across North America and Greenland. Encounters with human ...
Rangifer Tarandus Pictures

Picture of a running caribou, Rangifer tarandus, Reindeer, Canada, North America.

Caribou, Rangifer tarandus, Reindeer, Canada, North America.
Funny Atlantic Puffins Picture

Four funny black and white Atlantic Puffins stand on guard at the edge of Bird Rock in the Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland Labrador as we snap a picture.

Most of the time Atlantic Puffins are venturing through the ocean waters but we were lucky to capture a picture of these four funny little puffins atop a rock ledge. This ledge is known as Bird Island situated in Newfoundland Labrador and the Atl ...
Willow Ptarmigan Bird

This bird named the Willow Ptarmigan is barely visible amongst the snow in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba.

If it was not for the black eyes and beak on this Willow Ptarmigan that walks across the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba, one may never see him. This bird has plumage that turns snow white in the winter as a means of camouflage but come summer, the ...
Moose Close Up Picture Newfoundland

A moose does not seemed bothered by the fact that we have captured a close up picture of him as he takes a break from grazing in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland.

This close up picture of a moose grazing on private property in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland is a rarity. The moose did not seem too concerned that we were photographing him as we get a good look at his large ears atop his head an ...
Cute Coyote Pups

Twin Coyote Pups frolic in the grass during spring in Canada.

Coyote Puppies playing, Canada, North America, Canis Latrans.
Arctic Wolf Resting Picture

Resting in the tall grass, an Arctic Wolf stays around long enough for visitors to Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec to get a picture or two.

To be able to capture a picture of an Arctic Wolf in the wilderness is nearly impossible as they try to stay as far away from humans as they can. At Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec, the opportunity to see these beautiful animals is more of a rea ...
Arctic Fox Foraging Churchill Manitoba

Blending in with the frozen landscape on the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, an Arctic Fox is foraging for any quick meals.

The Arctic Fox spends a great deal of time around the coastline of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba during the winter months foraging for food. Visitors to the area will often see the Arctic Fox along the water's edge with their beautiful wh ...
Northern Gannet Picture

The distinct coloring on the Northern Gannet is easy to see in this picture taken at the Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland.

Atop Bird Rock at the Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland, Canada is where you will find more than 24,000 Northern Gannets breeding, nesting and feeding. The Northern Gannet in this picture, peacefully flies past the sides of Bird R ...
Alopex Lagopus

While in Churchill, Manitoba, keep your eyes peeled along the shores of the Hudson Bay for an Alopex lagopus also known as an Arctic Fox.

The scientific name for an Arctic Fox is Alopex lagopus and either name is correct when identifying this Arctic animal. This Arctic Fox scours the shores of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba looking for any type of food that it can find to fe ...
White Arctic Fox Animal Picture

The Arctic Fox in this picture is an animal that has a coat of white fur in the winter around the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba to protect itself from any predators.

Tours along the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba are not just about Polar Bears, as this Arctic Fox is another type of animal that we were able to capture a picture of. His white coloring during the winter season helps protect this Arctic Fox fr ...
Winter Arctic Fox Picture

While touring around the Churchill Management Wildlife Area in Churchill, Manitoba, we were lucky to capture a picture of this Arctic Fox showing off his winter coat.

When winter begins to rear its head around the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba it is very possible to see an Arctic Fox foraging around the shoreline. With its coat a beautiful white color like the snow, the Arctic Fox is prepared for its winte ...
Newfoundland Moose Family

A family of moose crossing the green landscape towards the shore of the South Pond (Tuckamore Pond) in Main Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.

Appearing at the top of the crest, a moose family consisting of a mother and two calves wander amongst the wilderness of Newfoundland, Canada. Tuckamore Pond is a beautiful place where the wildlife flourishes and they come to the water's edge to ...
Cougar Animal Picture

The cougar is a stunning looking animal and we were lucky to capture this picture in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

The cougar is always alert and keeps a good watch out for any smaller animal that might mean a healthy snack for this very powerful cat. Lucky for us, this cougar was not too interested in what we were doing and it was the perfect opportunity to ...

Ducklings swim peacefully amongst the greenery near the shore of Quidi Vidi Lake in St. Johns, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada.

Three little brown ducklings and one yellow duckling take a short trip away from their mother during a swim along the shore of a lake in St John's, Newfoundland. Swimming is their specialty and they love to display their talents along the lake shore while feeding on th ...
Male Caribou Picture

An aerial view of a male caribou running amongst the bogs in Southern Labrador, Canada giving us the perfect opportunity to take a picture.

In the wilderness of Southern Labrador, you should always be prepared to take a picture of wildlife as you never know when and where they may appear. When you find the ideal aerial view of the marshlands of Southern Labrador, sit back and watch f ...
Mountain Lion Picture British Columbia

A close up picture of a Mountain Lion that resides in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Looking at this picture of a Mountain Lion makes one realize how similar the facial features are to that of your typical household cat but the Mountain Lion is much larger and ferocious. In the wild of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, if you are hiking through the fo ...
Coyote Picture Canada Wilderness

A coyote puppy in the green field and wildflowers of Canada poses for his picture with his large ears that stand straight up.

A coyote puppy ready to head back home to his den after catching a small sample of food in the wilderness of Canada. A coyote puppy resembles that of a domestic dog but their characteristics are quite a bit different and one should keep their dis ...
Caribou Family

A baby Caribou and a male Caribou are part of a family wandering through the wilderness in a lush green field.

A male Caribou takes care of the snow white colored baby as they make their way across a grass field after grazing on the greenery. As winter nears, the coat of the male Caribou changes to white as he sports a full rack of antlers and the baby is ...
Male Caribou Alaska

A male caribou in Denali National Park in Alaska shows off his full set of antlers for the camera.

A male Caribou stands upon the autumn colored hillside in Denali National Park in Alaska with a full set of antlers ready for rutting season. This is the prime time of the year in which the male caribou fight between each other over a female.Cari ...
Moose Habitat Ontario

Canoeing on a lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada is a great way to watch a moose feed in its natural habitat.

The wilderness that surrounds this lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada is where you will find many species of wildlife such as this moose. A canoeist spends the afternoon on the lake while watching this moose go about its daily b ...
Cougar Hunting Vancouver Island

Cougars are fairly common on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and to be able watch one as he is hunting is an experience in itself.

A cougar peers over the rock cliff as he stalks his prey preparing to pounce and when he is withing striking distance, his hunting excursion will be complete. The hunting skills of a cougar are very precise and to be able to watch a cougar while ...
White Wolf

The white fur of this Arctic Wolf is not very good camouflage in the summer months in Alaska, USA.

This beautiful white colored animal known as an Arctic Wolf cools off under a tree to get out of the summer sun in Alaska, USA. The Arctic Wolf can survive and handle the extremely cold Arctic winters which it prefers to some of the long, warm af ...
American Bison

An American Bison also known as a Buffalo, roams freely in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada grazing in the fields.

This large, shaggy brown animal known as the American Bison in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada fears nothing except for humans or wolves and grizzly bears when the bison is still a calf. An American Bison can seem so peaceful gr ...
Swimming Beaver

Most beavers come out at night and keep busy but this cute beaver decided swimming was the plan of action for the day.

A beaver loves swimming as this is where they spend a majority of their time, especially as they busily find pieces of twigs and logs to build their dams. Catching this beaver peacefully swimming in the water in the daylight hours is a rarity and ...
Beaver Animal

A beaver is an extremely hard working type of animal as they are always busy building their dams or reconstructing them.

People are sometimes referred to as busy little beavers and that is just what this type of animal does on a daily basis. The Beaver is always busily constructing dams or collecting material for them. During the night time hours is when the beaver ...
Cougar Mountain Lion Vancouver Island

As this cougar or mountain lion peers from behind the trees on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada we get the ideal opportunity to snap his picture.

The cougar, also known as a mountain lion or puma, lives in the wild on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and is the largest cat found in this Province. The cougar does not like being in contact with people and he was well aware of the fact that we were around the are ...
Young Arctic Wolf

A young Arctic Wolf is still leery of his life in the wilderness and must always be sure before moving on.

Arctic Wolves reside in many isolated areas where humans are very rarely seen and this young wolf wants to be sure of what he is looking at before venturing on. As he hides behind the bushes, it was the perfect opportunity to get some pictures of ...
Wild Mountain Lion Vancouver Island

An action shot of a Mountain Lion living in the wild on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

A Mountain Lion in the wild on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada is ready for a surprise attack on its prey. The Mountain Lion is one of the top predators next to the bears and real life hunts happen regularly out in the wild on Vancouver Island. Cougar, Felis concolo ...
Moose Head Ontario

A moose has his head above water as he skims the surface of the lake for food in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

This moose is peacefully feeding in a lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada as we snap his picture. To see just the massive head of a moose in a lake is a strange sight but very common in the summer as they feed on the water plants ...
Wild Cougar Vancouver Island

A wild cougar picks the right moment to pounce on its prey in the wilderness on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Watching a wild cougar in action is amazing but not all people like to get this close to a cougar stalking its prey. The Northern end of Vancouver Island in British Columbia is surrounded by wilderness and a wild cougar can be spotted behind any rock or tree in the mountain areas ...
Cougar Vancouver Island

A cougar preparing to pounce on its prey on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

On Vancouver Island, British Columbia we spotted this cougar and watched him in action as he kept a close eye on his prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce. A cougar will get to within thirty feet of its prey and once caught will feed on what he needs and then hide the rest ...
Vancouver Island Marmot

From behind the rocks, a marmot peeks out to investigate the area on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

This particular species of marmot which is known as the Vancouver Island Marmot, is extremely rare and considered to be the most endangered animal throughout the world. The Vancouver Island Marmot has variations in coloring, vocalizations and hab ...

... Many large mammals, such as bighorn sheep, elk, black bears and grizzly bears, are regularly seen, thrilling park visitors.

The prairies, stretching across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, once supported huge herds of bison. Today, these animals are not as numerous as they once were, but existing herds give us a chance to experience these large and magnificent mammals.

Canada’s north also has spectacular wildlife viewing for the photographer. Mammals such as polar bears, arctic foxes and wolves inhabit the northern part of the country, as well as large herds of caribou. Churchill, Manitoba is a destination for many photographers to get acquainted with northern wildlife.

Many mammals are widespread across Canada, and are often spotted along highways, such as moose, coyotes, bears and beavers.

Canada has outstanding bird life. In the Maritimes, one can go on bird tours to take pictures of marine birds such as northern gannets and Atlantic puffins

Canada is a choice destination for wildlife viewing and photography, and this country’s stunning mammals, birds and other creatures will leave visitors spellbound.

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