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Footprints Snow Arctic Tundra Yukon

Footprints leading into the sun along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon, Canada.

Footprints in the snow along the Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada
Hudson Bay Inukshuk Landmark Manitoba

The sun begins to set on an inukshuk situated on the shores of Hudson Bay in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. The inukshuk is a stone landmark traditionally used by northern aboriginal peoples to mark a route through the tundra of the arctic.

Though traditionally and still to this day used as a landmark in circumpolar regions, today the inukshuk is commonly placed as a symbol of friendship and welcome. Inukshuk at sunset in the town of Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada ...
Beautiful Northern Lights Moon Yukon

The bright moon peeks through the ribbons of waving northern lights, aka Aurora borealis, on a cold evening along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon, Canada. These displays of beautiful moving lights are a natural phenomenon.

The full moon makes it possible to see the surrounding snow-covered mountains along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon of Canada as the beautiful northern lights dance in the sky beside it. Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, near Tombstone Mountain ...
Arctic Wolf Resting Picture

Resting in the tall grass, an Arctic Wolf stays around long enough for visitors to Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec to get a picture or two.

To be able to capture a picture of an Arctic Wolf in the wilderness is nearly impossible as they try to stay as far away from humans as they can. At Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec, the opportunity to see these beautiful animals is more of a rea ...
Shipwreck MV Ithaca Churchill Manitoba

In the midst of the fog, sits the remains of the M/V Ithaca, a shipwreck that ran aground along the coastline of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba.

The coastline of the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba is blanketed with snow and ice as the remains of a shipwreck, the M/V Ithaca sits in Bird Cove surrounded by the low laying fog. The M/V Ithaca has sat along this coastline since it ran agr ...
Arctic Wolf Picture

From behind the greenery of the wilderness an Arctic Wolf emerges and allows us to capture an excellent picture of him.

The Arctic Wolf is a beautiful animal and to be able to get a picture of one is fairly rare as these wolves like to keep themselves, away from any human existence. This white Arctic Wolf prefers the colder climates of the winter months over the l ...
Caribou Grazing Alaska

A caribou spends as much time as possible grazing on the North Slope of Alaska before the chilly climate of winter approaches.

Large antlers sit atop this male Caribou in the landscape of the North Slope of Alaska as he spends his time grazing before the winter season arrives. The coat of the caribou is a patchy coloring which is another part of the changes that a caribo ...
Arctic Circle Information Sign Yukon

A tourist will find this information sign the ideal place to read up on the area, stretch their legs and take in the scenery of the Arctic Circle in the Yukon Territory.

A long stretch of gravel highway will eventually bring you to this sign which gives tourists some valuable information about the Arctic Circle in the Yukon Territory. This beautifully sculpted sign is great place to get out from behind the wheel ...
Frozen Tundra Churchill

A Polar Bear strolls across the frozen, snow covered tundra in Churchill, Manitoba always on alert for any unusual activity.

A large Polar Bear glances to the side for the ideal photo opportunity as he slowly makes his way across the frozen tundra in Churchill, Manitoba. Polar Bear tours on large tundra vehicles are available that take you across the frozen landscape t ...
Sleepy Bear Churchill

A sleepy looking Polar Bear decides to lay down on an ice mound in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

A Polar Bear decides that he is rather sleepy and rests on the remains of the ice that covers the landscape in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. This sleepy bear gives us the opportune time to snap some pictures but one should always be aware that a ...
Polar Bears Tour Manitoba

While on a tour in Churchill, Manitoba we caught sight of two young Polar Bears having a friendly sparring match.

You never know what you will see Polar Bears doing in their natural environment while on a tour in Churchill, Manitoba. These two younger Polar Bears are having a friendly sparring match on the snow and ice covered tundra in Churchill. Polar Bear ...
Polar Bear Bus Churchill Manitoba

A polar bear decides to look through the window of a tour bus in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

People on this tour bus get a close up look at a Polar Bear as he decides to sneak a peek through the window to see what is looking out at him. While Polar Bear watching in Churchill, Manitoba, you will not get any closer than this to a Polar Bea ...
Arctic Circle Sign Yukon

The Arctic Circle sign along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon Territory in Canada.

When driving the Dempster Highway in the Yukon Territory in Canada, it is almost a relief when you approach this information sign to the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle sign is a great place to stretch you legs, check out the scenery and read th ...
Tombstone Mountains Yukon

A fascinating aerial view of the Tombstone Mountains in the Yukon Territory in Canada.

A trip in a helicopter gives you a picturesque view of the Tombstone Mountains and the surrounding mountain ranges in the Yukon Territories in Canada. The Tombstone Mountains in the Yukon are peaks that were created by glaciers, water and wind an ...
Arctic Wolf

An Arctic Wolf in his natural environment explores the area around him before moving on.

The Arctic Wolf is a beautiful animal and as an adult usually stands around three feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. They vary in color from white, red, gray and black and can be found across North America and Greenland. Encounters with human ...

Winter time in Churchill, Manitoba is extremely cold and the plumage of the Ptarmigan changes to white.

As seasons change, so does the plumage of a Ptarmigan therefore always being camouflaged from any enemies. Their feathers moult from white in the winter and then brown in the spring or summer. The Ptarmigan resides on rocky mountainsides or tundr ...
Polar Bears Nunavut

Polar Bear family along the Nunavut coastline.

Polar Bear mom with two cubs walking over the ice along the Nunavut coastline. Polar Bears, Icefloe, Nunavut, Ursus maritimus Please make sure to see our photo gallery Canada animals with more creatures from Canada and more polar bear pictures.

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