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Polar Bear Watch Churchill Manitoba

A Polar Bear on watch as a bus tour in Churchill, Manitoba stops to have a look at him but he decides it is his turn to see what all the fuss is about.

A bus from North Star Tours stops along the road in Churchill, Manitoba where a polar bear decides to watch the passengers instead of the passengers watching the Polar Bear. As he stands on his hind legs, the Polar Bear is able to look inside the window to ...
Polar Bear Bus Churchill Manitoba

A polar bear decides to look through the window of a tour bus in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

People on this tour bus get a close up look at a Polar Bear as he decides to sneak a peek through the window to see what is looking out at him. While Polar Bear watching in Churchill, Manitoba, you will not get any closer than this to a Polar Bea ...
Bus Tours Ottawa

Tours on a double decker bus are available to see the major attractions in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.

There are a variety of bus tours available through Gray Line Ottawa that gives tourists a look at the beauty that surrounds Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. Ride the double decker bus and sit back and enjoy the scenery as you discover one of the most exciting ...
Bus Tours Niagara Falls

Bus tours around Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada are available to take in the terrific sights.

Bus tours are a relaxing and carefree way to enjoy the sights of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada especially on a double decker bus. Sitting on the upper deck of these bus tours gives you a better view of the sights and a greater opportunity for ...

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