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Canadian Wildlife Pictures

Canadian wildlife attracts photographers from around the world, with endless opportunities to take pictures of mammals and birds in their natural habitat. Below is a selection of our Canadian Wildlife Photos and Pictures. (There are 47 photos in this photo gallery.)

Cute Beaver

A cute beaver has a snack from a leafy branch that floats on the surface of the water.

The beaver is the largest rodent found in North America and is very common throughout Canada and the United States. The beaver works very hard building dams and homes and even this cute little beaver needs to rest and have some leafy branches to ...
Photo Of A Moose Stag

The antlers of a moose stag begin growing in the spring and dropp off in the winter to conserve energy.

The scientifc name for moose is Alces alces. A Moose Stag with impressive antlers in Canada.
Mountain Lion In British Columbia

A graceful mountain lion demonstrating predominance in British Columbia, Canada.

A proud cougar, mountain lion, Puma, British Columbia, Canada.
Lake Moose Ontario

Big moose in beautiful landscape with lake in Canada, North America.

A Moose standing on the banks of a lake in Ontario, Canada, North America.
Elk Bull Jasper National Park

An Elk Bull displaying a full rack of antlers grazes in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Elk Bull in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
Big Horn Sheep Alberta

Big Horn Sheep roam free and protected in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.

Big Horn Sheep, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.
Canadian Wildlife Moose

Large moose can be best seen in the Yukon

Large canadian Moose with a big stag and fall colours in the background in the Yukon.

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