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Coyote Surrounded By Autumn Colored Trees Parc Omega

As tourists pass through Parc Omega in Outaouais, Quebec, a coyote lays peacefully on the rocks while being surrounded by the stunning colored Autumn trees.

As Autumn moves in at Parc Omega in Montebello, Outaouais in Quebec, Canada, the Autumn colored trees surround the wildlife which roam throughout the park. Atop of the rock ledge, beneath the Autumn trees, a coyote is barely noticeable as its fur ...
Coyote Picture Canada Wilderness

A coyote puppy in the green field and wildflowers of Canada poses for his picture with his large ears that stand straight up.

A coyote puppy ready to head back home to his den after catching a small sample of food in the wilderness of Canada. A coyote puppy resembles that of a domestic dog but their characteristics are quite a bit different and one should keep their dis ...
Coyote Pup

A brave coyote pup comes to check out the strange camera equipment in Canada, North America.

It will not take long for this coyote pup seen in Canada, North America to grow into his large ears. A coyote pup is usually born in late April through early May where it spends the summer with its family and then come Fall heads off to find its ...
Cute Coyote Pups

Twin Coyote Pups frolic in the grass during spring in Canada.

Coyote Puppies playing, Canada, North America, Canis Latrans.

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