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Caribou Stag

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Male Caribou Alaska

A male caribou in Denali National Park in Alaska shows off his full set of antlers for the camera.

A male Caribou stands upon the autumn colored hillside in Denali National Park in Alaska with a full set of antlers ready for rutting season. This is the prime time of the year in which the male caribou fight between each other over a female.Cari ...
Rangifer Tarandus Reindeer

This Rangifer tarandus reindeer also known as a Caribou enjoys the spring time grazing in the North Slope of Alaska.

A Rangifer tarandus reindeer has a large open field to graze upon in the North Slope of Alaska as spring brings fresh new growth to the area. The antlers on the reindeer are taking shape and his winter colors slowly disappear as the darker coat b ...

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