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Fresh Sea Vegetable Market Stall

Bags of fresh Dulse, a sea vegetable, displayed in bags at a market stall at the City Market in Saint John, New Brunswick.

People that come to this market stall in downtown Saint John in New Brunswick love to buy a bag of fresh dulse to eat like potato chips or take home for use as a seasoning in other dishes. Dulse is a sea vegetable that grows when the tide is out ...
Dulse Sea Vegetable Market Stall New Brunswick

Bags of seafood known as Fresh Dulse which is a sea vegetable on display at a market stall in downtown Saint John in New Brunswick, Canada.

For three dollars and seventy-five cents you can by yourself a sea vegetable that has been properly prepared to be put into brown paper bags and displayed for sale at a market stall in Saint John, New Brunswick. Many people find the sea vegetable ...
City Market Stalls Saint John New Brunswick

From the upper floor of the City Market in Saint John, New Brunswick, you can see the many stalls filled with fresh fruit, meat and vegetables.

In this building which is home to the City Market in the downtown core of Saint John, New Brunswick, there are stalls that are full of a wonderful display of food and goods. Many locals come to the City Market to pick up their regular groceries a ...

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