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St Anthony Shrimp Fishing Boats Newfoundland

Tied to the dock in the St. Anthony Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada are the shrimp fishing boats waiting for their departure.

There is very little pack ice visible around the St. Anthony harbour in Newfoundland, Canada which means that these shrimp fishing boats tied to the dock can resume their daily lives. Many residents that live in St. Anthony spend their days aboar ...
Shrimp Fishing Boats Newfoundland

Different colours and makes of shrimp fishing boats line the dock in the harbour of St. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada.

Many commercial fisherman secure their livelihood by heading out daily on their shrimp fishing boats, but at certain times of the year, these boats remain docked in St Anthony Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada. When the pack ice flows into the harb ...

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