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Bruce Peninsula Dandelions Farm Cows Ontario Canada

The bright yellow hues of the dandelions adorn a field where a group of cows graze in the field on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

During the day, the cows are let out into the field on a farm on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada where they graze amongst the dandelions. The dandelions span for miles providing a brilliant glow to the landscape where some cows rest while others ...
Field Grazing Cattle Morse Town Saskatchewan Canada

A lush, green field makes the ideal diner for grazing for this herd of cattle near the town of Morse in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The sun highlights the beautiful, green field backdropped by a mass of small rolling hills near the town of Morse in Saskatchewan, Canada where a herd of cattle spend their day grazing. The cattle have acres of field to roam, but very few places ...
Cows Ice Cream Shop Niagara On The Lake Ontario

The ideal mascot for an ice-cream shop known as Cows, is a cow, and this beautiful statue stands at the location in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada.

A statue of a shiny brown and white cow stands at the shop called Cows in Niagara on the Lake in Ontario, Canada. Cows is known throughout Canada for its outstanding ice-cream which was founded in 1983 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. What started out as a simple fa ...
Cows Grazing Big Muddy Badlands Farmland Southern Saskatchewan

The rolling hills in the Big Muddy Badlands in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada are blanketed with green farmland where cows are led for grazing.

Under the blue sky in the Big Muddy Badlands region of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada, the acres of farmland are ideal for the grazing cows. Here the cows will spend most of their day grazing until the ranchers round them up and take them back to ...
Newfoundland Moose Family

A family of moose crossing the green landscape towards the shore of the South Pond (Tuckamore Pond) in Main Brook, Newfoundland, Canada.

Appearing at the top of the crest, a moose family consisting of a mother and two calves wander amongst the wilderness of Newfoundland, Canada. Tuckamore Pond is a beautiful place where the wildlife flourishes and they come to the water's edge to ...
Cow Moose

A cow moose and her two calves wander near the edge of Tuckamore Pond in Main Brook on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada.

Wilderness is at its best in Main Brook, Newfoundland when you can watch a cow moose and her two calves wander freely throughout the wilderness. The cow must teach her youngsters the pros and cons of the wild and how to survive by themselves when ...

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