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Curious Baby Polar Bear Tundra Buggy Churchill

A curious 11 month old baby Polar Bear, sniffs around a tundra buggy in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada.

Polar Bears are very curious about any unusual events, but this baby, who is only 11 months old, finds the tundra buggy and the faces on board very intriguing. As the tundra buggy stops in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba to let ...
Cute Arctic Marine Mammal Churchill Manitoba

The Polar Bear resides in the Arctic region in Churchill, Manitoba and this marine mammal shows off his cute side while resting on the frozen tundra.

The Polar Bear is a type of marine mammal who loves the cold Arctic temperatures and while this one waits for the Hudson Bay to freeze over in order to catch some ringed seals, he relaxes on the frozen tundra. As cute as this picture is, the polar bear is t ...
Cute Sitting Polar Bear Churchill Manitoba

A cute Polar Bear sitting on the frozen tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada as he scouts out the area for any signs of danger.

The tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada has just begun to receive its colder temperatures as the area has a thin layer of snow on it. A polar bear decides sitting for a short while will rejuvenate him to make the trek to the ...
Sleeping Polar Bear Hudson Bay Churchill Manitoba

The easiest way to capture a picture of a Polar Bear is when it is sleeping on the tundra in the Hudson Bay area in Churchill, Manitoba.

This Polar Bear will continue his sleeping pattern in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba until the tundra and Hudson Bay freeze over. Once that begins to happen, the polar bear that has been sleeping a majority of the time since J ...
Polar Bear Alert Churchill Manitoba

Journeying across the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba, this Polar Bear is very alert of what is happening around him.

A Polar Bear has awoken from his restful sleep and is making his way across the Churchill Wildlife Management Area landscape in Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba staying very alert of his surroundings. Sounds from above make this polar bear extremely curi ...

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