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Eaton Centre

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Architecture Eaton Centre Interior Downtown Toronto

Shoppers, signs, and stores are part of the interior of the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto.

Shoppers walk among the stores in the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. The large interior of the centre has a domed glass ceiling. Large advertising signs sit above the storefronts. On the floor of the centre is a 30 year anniversary plaque. Interior of the Eat ...
Shopping Eaton Centre Downtown Toronto

In downtown Toronto, this view of the interior of the Eaton Centre shows its many stores and its shoppers.

Shoppers walk among the Eaton Centre with its curved glass paneled ceiling. The Eaton Centre is a well-known tourist attraction in Toronto. Three levels of stores can be seen from this view with more levels above. A large advertising banner sits to the l ...
Shopping Mall Toronto

There are more stores in the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario than you will find anywhere else in Canada.

This shopping mall has everything that anyone could ever want in a mall and if you can not find it here at Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, then you may never find what you are looking for. People shop for hours in this mall as it takes that long just t ...
Eaton Centre Toronto

A small section of the massive shopping complex known as Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Eaton Centre is a famous landmark in Toronto, Ontario that stretches for two city blocks. Every store you can imagine is in this shopping mall where millions of people go to visit annually. Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.

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