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Globicephala Melas

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Long Finned Pilot Whales

During a whale watching excursion, Long-finned Pilot Whales are seen swimming in the Pleasant Bay in the Gulf of St Lawrence.

The Long-finned Pilot Whales are seen swimming in Pleasant Bay during a whale watching excursion. The awesome mammals glide through the blue waters. The pilot whales are part of the dolphin family. Pleasant Bay is located in the Gulf of St Lawren ...
Long Finned Pilot Whales Globicephala Melas Dolphins

Belonging to the Oceanic dolphin family, Long Finned Pilot whales are actually dolphins rather than whales although at times they behave like whales. Their scientific name is Globicephala melas.

A highly social marine mammal, Long Finned Pilot Whales, aka Globicephala melas, are often found in large pods of around 100 animals. Although they are actually dolphins, they often behave more like whales. They also appear similar to the Orca W ...

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