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Hamilton Ontario Downtown Buildings

The street signs in the downtown region of Hamilton, Ontario, direct you to the tall skyscraper buildings that adorn the skyline.

On a clear, sunny day, the sun provides mirror images in the tall buildings in the downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario as people busily stroll along the streets. The signs attached to the lamppost on the corner of the street point you in the direc ...
Hess Village Pub Hamilton Ontario

The sun shines over the village of Hess in Hamilton, Ontario as people take a breather and enjoy a refreshment at the pub.

People relax on a beautiful day in Hamilton, Ontario as they take time out to sip a nice cold beverage on the outside deck of a quaint pub located along the cobblestone streets of Hess Village. The pub is housed in a unique shaped building and ma ...
Photo Dundurn Castle Hamilton Ontario

An information sign and the pathways leading to the Dundurn Castle in downtown Hamilton in Ontario, Canada.

The Dundurn Castle is a National Historic Site which was once home to one of Canada's first premiers in the downtown area of Hamilton, Ontario. In 1835, the Dundurn Castle first opened its doors and in the later years the castle was restored to t ...
Hamilton Ontario Downtown

The downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario is home to many tall buildings and small parks.

The scenery surrounding this area of downtown Hamilton, Ontario reflects in the skyscrapers on beautiful sunny days. Many businesses and their employees come to work in these buildings and take their breaks in the parks to enjoy some fresh air.Do ...
Hess Village Hamilton

The exterior of a pub along the cobblestone streets of Hess Village in Hamilton, Ontario.

A mural adorns the exterior wall of a pub in the village of Hess where patrons sit and sip on a cool drink under the blue sky of Hamilton, Ontario. The village of Hess in Hamilton is a popular place to enjoy a delicious meal in an elegant restaur ...
Downtown Hamilton Ontario

Tall office buildings and this pretty park are just a few of the sights in the downtown core of Hamilton, Ontario.

On a beautiful sunny day, the clouds and city buildings reflect in this tall office building in downtown Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. In the foreground you can sit and relax in the pretty park and watch the clouds pass by in the reflection of the ...

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