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Hecla Village

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Historic Boat Sheds Hecla Village Lake Winnipeg Manitoba

Along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada in Hecla Village are newly painted historic sheds and an old boat.

When visiting Hecla Village along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, take the self guided trails to explore the history of the island. Here an old shed which has been restored and newly painted sits beside a historic fishing boat na ...
Hecla Village Red Shed With Boats Lake Winnipeg Manitoba

A brightly painted red shed stands behind a couple of old boats and are on display in Hecla Village located along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

While wandering the self-guided trails in Hecla Village which borders Lake Winnipeg on Hecla Island in Manitoba, Canada, visitors can take a step back into the history of the island. Over the years, a shed has been repainted in red and the old fi ...
Hecla Church Lake Winnipeg

This historic church in the Hecla Village in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba has played a very important role to the people of the town.

This church stands in the small village of Hecla in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba which became a vital part in aiding the community in getting past the hard lives of the pioneer days. Hecla village is a historic village where tourists can enjoy a self- ...

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