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Waterton Prairie Scenery Southern Alberta Canada

Lush green fields make up the scenery of the prairie landscape until the fields suddenly hit the base of the mountain range in Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta.

In the summer months, the scenery at a viewpoint along Highway 6 in Southern Alberta, Canada overlooks the prairie landscape made up of lush greenery, wildflowers and a massive mountain range. The Rocky Mountains suddenly rise from the prairie fields ...
Farm House Alberta

In Southern Alberta, along Highway 6, the scenery is acres of lush green farmland with each one having a beautiful farm house.

The peacefulness and tranquility of the drive along Highway 6 in Southern Alberta, Canada is one that consists of farmland and a farm house every mile or two. Each farm house that is located along this highway has the mountain range in Waterton L ...
Prairie Signs Alberta

A tourist reading the signs and taking a few pictures of the prairie landscape in Southern Alberta known as

This part of Southern Alberta has some beautiful scenery as the magnificent mountain range of the Rockies seems to magically appear and rise up above the landscape. The prairie countryside of wetlands, lakes, rivers and alpine forests extends for ...
Alberta Farmland

For miles along Highway 6 across the Southern Alberta landscape you can see acres of lush green farmland and farmhouses.

Farmland is a common sight along Highway 6 in Southern Alberta, Canada where a farmhouse with bales of hay neatly stacked is surrounded by lush green fields of grass. Off in the distance there is another farmhouse and in the backdrop you can see ...

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