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Kensington Market

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Colourful Shop Kensington Market Toronto

This colourful shop, Exile, near Kensington Market was originally a Victorian style house.

This colourful shop is decorated in yellow and blue with red stars. The stars are scattered on the yellow brick of the building. A large sign in red letters sits across two windows. Originally a Victorian style home is now a shop near Kensington ...
Victorian houses Kensington Market Toronto Ontario

Colorful funky shops occupy the Victorian style houses in Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada.

This colorful store is in the Kensington Market. Toronto's Victorian style homes are converted into stores. This funky bright blue shop displays many items for sale. Large area rugs hang outside of the store front. Funky shops in Victorian styl ...
Kensington Market Funky Shops Toronto

Victorian style houses are converted into colorful funky shops at the Kensington Market.

In the Kensington Market, Victorian style houses are changed into colorful funky shops. Red paint with yellow trim displays the Dancing Days shop. Black silhouettes of dancers are attached to the store front. Clothing hangs on the front of the sh ...
Market Fruit Toronto

A fine display of fruit at the Kensington Market in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

At the Kensington Market in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario you can choose from an assortment of fruit laid out in bins. When you purchase fruit at the Kensington Market, you will find that the prices are less and usually the fruit is a lot fresher especia ...
Rambutan Fruit Toronto

Rambutan makes a brilliant display of fruit at the market in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario.

For those who love the bright red fruit with green or yellow hairs covering the outside known as the Rambutan, head to the Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario when it is season. When you crack the shell of the Rambutan fruit, you will find an egg shape ...

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