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La Citadelle Of Quebec

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La Citadelle View Quebec City

From La Citadelle in Old Quebec in Quebec City you get a beautiful view of the Vieux Port and the St Lawrence River.

The view from La Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada overlooks the St Lawrence River and the Vieux Port where buildings and houses stand within walking distance to the water's edge. Small whitecaps can be seen on the surface of the river as sailboats drift in t ...
Quebec City Buildings La Citadelle

The tops of the buildings can be seen across the skyline of Quebec City in Canada from the National Historic Site of La Citadelle.

The view from La Citadelle, a National Historic Site in Quebec City, where you can view the top of the skyscraper buildings on a beautiful clear sunny day. Beyond the buildings you can see the landscape of Quebec City that extends for miles and in the foregr ...
Cannon La Citadelle Quebec

An old cannon sits above Quebec City in Quebec, Canada behind the wall at the National Historic Site of La Citadelle.

The view from La Citadelle in Quebec, Canada is amazing as you can see for miles and this is why this was once the ideal location for this ancient cannon. This national historic site was a fortification built under the British rule and some of th ...
La Citadelle Quebec

The stone walls and buildings of the national historic site of La Citadelle, Quebec, Canada that overlooks the city of Quebec.

La Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada is a national historic site where the stone walls, buildings and atmosphere takes you back in time to early military days all the way up to present day. Atop the stone pillar sits a canon that was once used for defence and ...
Quebec City Citadelle

From the Citadelle in Quebec, you look down upon the stone walls where you can sit and enjoy the view of Quebec City along the waterfront of the St. Lawrence River.

La Citadelle is a national historic site in Quebec, Canada and from here you get a great view of the City of Quebec. Inside the stone walls of the Citadelle, that took 30 years to build, people who are out for a bike ride or walk, can take a break and sit on th ...
Citadelle Quebec City

Standing at the Citadelle you get a stunning view of Quebec City in Canada.

The gardens of the historic site of Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada is an excellent viewpoint to overlook the waterfront of the city. Heritage buildings, commercial businesses, parks, hotels and beaches stretch along the coastline of Quebec City. Quebec Ci ...

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