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Saskatchewan Legislative Building Regina Evening

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building glows during the early evening in the city of Regina.

In the city of Regina, the Saskatchewan Legislative Building glows softly in the early evening. The evening lights display the architectural beauty. The white tower with its dark dome shines in the evening light. Dark evergreen trees sit on each ...
Regina Legislative Building Architecture

Beautiful details of the historic Legislative Building in the City of Regina.

The Legislative Building is located in the City of Regina. This historic building is filled with architectural details. This beautifully detailed architectural style is Beaux Arts. The large dome sits at the center of the building along with thre ...
Queen Elizabeth II Gardens Regina Saskatchewan

The Legislative Building in the City of Regina has a beautiful view of the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens.

The flowers of the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens show off their colors of red and purple. The well maintained lawn surrounds the gardens. The garden is flanked by large hedges on each side of the manicured lawn. In the distance, the classic details of ...
Legislative Building British Columbia

The Legislative Building in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the seat of Provincial law-making and the centre of political power in the Province.

The British Columbia Legislature in Victoria is both the seat of political power, the home of the Provincial Government and a considerable tourist attraction in its own right. The architectural style of the Legislative Building is part of the Old-World English ch ...

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