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Arctic Wolf Picture

From behind the greenery of the wilderness an Arctic Wolf emerges and allows us to capture an excellent picture of him.

The Arctic Wolf is a beautiful animal and to be able to get a picture of one is fairly rare as these wolves like to keep themselves, away from any human existence. This white Arctic Wolf prefers the colder climates of the winter months over the l ...
White Arctic Fox Animal Picture

The Arctic Fox in this picture is an animal that has a coat of white fur in the winter around the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba to protect itself from any predators.

Tours along the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba are not just about Polar Bears, as this Arctic Fox is another type of animal that we were able to capture a picture of. His white coloring during the winter season helps protect this Arctic Fox fr ...
Canadian Eskimo Dog Puppy Sitting Picture

This Canadian Eskimo Dog Puppy made taking a picture fairly easy as he enjoyed sitting on the cold icy landscape of Churchill, Manitoba.

The winter weather around Churchill, Manitoba is ideal for a Canadian Eskimo Dog puppy to grow healthy and strong. As we capture a picture of this puppy sitting outside in the cold Manitoba climate, you can see that his puppy features are still v ...
Winter Arctic Fox Picture

While touring around the Churchill Management Wildlife Area in Churchill, Manitoba, we were lucky to capture a picture of this Arctic Fox showing off his winter coat.

When winter begins to rear its head around the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba it is very possible to see an Arctic Fox foraging around the shoreline. With its coat a beautiful white color like the snow, the Arctic Fox is prepared for its winte ...
Arctic Fox Hunt Churchill Manitoba

An Arctic Fox is on a hunt for food on the coastline of the Hudson Bay in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

On the hunt for a meal, this Arctic Fox scours the coastline of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba looking for anything that might look tasty. As he looks towards the rocks, he spots something that might fulfill his needs for the time being un ...
White Canadian Eskimo Dog Churchill Manitoba

The cute face of a snowy white colored Canadian Eskimo Dog on a private yard in the Hudson Bay area of Churchill, Manitoba.

A Canadian Eskimo Dog matures very quickly and is prepared for all sorts of hard work as this is part of the natural instinct of this type of animals. With its snow white fur surrounding its cute face, this Canadian Eskimo Dog spends his days growing up ...
Young Deer Picture

In Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec, you will not capture a much cuter picture than this young deer as he rests on the forest floor.

A cute little deer rests in the shade under some trees in Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec as his pink tongue hangs out as he licks his chops making for an adorable picture. This young deer has large ears that are very prominent atop his head but ...
Cute Canadian Eskimo Dog

Sitting nicely in the snow around Churchill, Manitoba, this cute Canadian Eskimo Dog shows off his nice chest markings.

When snow hits the town of Churchill, Manitoba, this cute Canadian Eskimo Dog loves to be outside as the cold weather is what these dogs are used to and they have special coats of fur to keep them warm. With flakes of snow on his cute face, this ...
Canadian Eskimo Dog Puppies

Resting on the icy cold tundra of Churchill, Manitoba a couple of Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies find this climate ideal.

One of the Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies snuggles up against his brother as it seems that he is not quite ready to wake up and face another day in Churchill, Manitoba. These two puppies enjoy the chilly air around Churchill as Canadian Eskimo Dogs ...
Puppy dog Sleeping Picture

A Canadian Eskimo puppy spending time sleeping amongst his family members in Churchill, Manitoba makes an opportunity for a cute picture.

These Canadian Eskimo puppies make an adorable picture as they lay sleeping in their dog house in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. With paws scattered in every direction, one puppy finds a comfy place to rest his head in the warmth of the other s ...
Arctic Fox Hudson Bay Manitoba

An Arctic Fox makes his way across the icy tundra of Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba after the first few days of the cold winter climate has moved in.

The Arctic Fox is very well adapted to the cold climates around the Hudson Bay area in Churchill, Manitoba as his thick fur coat has changed to white in preparation for the season. As he travels across the icy tundra towards the shoreline of the ...
Polar Bear Alert Churchill Manitoba

Journeying across the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba, this Polar Bear is very alert of what is happening around him.

A Polar Bear has awoken from his restful sleep and is making his way across the Churchill Wildlife Management Area landscape in Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba staying very alert of his surroundings. Sounds from above make this polar bear extremely curi ...
Male Caribou Picture

An aerial view of a male caribou running amongst the bogs in Southern Labrador, Canada giving us the perfect opportunity to take a picture.

In the wilderness of Southern Labrador, you should always be prepared to take a picture of wildlife as you never know when and where they may appear. When you find the ideal aerial view of the marshlands of Southern Labrador, sit back and watch f ...
Cute Baby Black Bear picture

The cute face of a baby Black Bear peers around the tall greenery in search of its mother in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

Behind the tall shrubbery, a baby Black Bear waits patiently for the return of its mother with a worried look upon its face which we as humans find extremely cute. This cute little face is nice to photograph, but venturing too close could be dang ...
Cute Coyote Pups

Twin Coyote Pups frolic in the grass during spring in Canada.

Coyote Puppies playing, Canada, North America, Canis Latrans.
Cute Beaver

A cute beaver has a snack from a leafy branch that floats on the surface of the water.

The beaver is the largest rodent found in North America and is very common throughout Canada and the United States. The beaver works very hard building dams and homes and even this cute little beaver needs to rest and have some leafy branches to ...
Polar Bears Nunavut

Polar Bear family along the Nunavut coastline.

Polar Bear mom with two cubs walking over the ice along the Nunavut coastline. Polar Bears, Icefloe, Nunavut, Ursus maritimus Please make sure to see our photo gallery Canada animals with more creatures from Canada and more polar bear pictures.

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