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Waterfront Boardwalk Scenery Huntsville Muskoka Ontario

The boardwalk travels along the waterfront of the Muskoka River in the town Huntsville, Ontario where people can sit and enjoy the Autumn scenery.

The Muskoka River flows through the town of Huntsville, Ontario, a charming place full of history where log buildings, stone houses, parks, accommodations and restaurants make up the beauty of this town of 18,000 people.A wooden boardwalk decorat ...
RM Segwun Steamship Gravenhurst Ontario

Take a cruise on the Muskoka Lakes in Gravenhurst, Ontario on the historic steamship known as the RM Segwun or Royal Mail Ship.

Built in 1887 and used for mail, freight and passengers this steamship named the RM Segwun has many years of history behind it. Since then, there have been a few major restorations that the steamship required and today the RM Segwun docks on the ...
Boat Cruises Muskoka Ontario

Board the elegant RMS Segwun in Muskoka, Ontario and enjoy one of the many boat cruises offered on the scenic Muskoka Lakes.

The R.M.S. Segwun is one of three boats used to take passengers on cruises on the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario where you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. The R.M.S. Segwun sails daily and there are breakfast, lunch and dinners cruises to ...
Opera House Muskoka Ontario

The Gravenhurst Opera House in Muskoka, Ontario in Canada is the most significant landmark in this town.

The Gravenhurst Opera House in Muskoka, Ontario is a spectacular heritage theater where many well known performers have appeared over the past 100 years. The lighting, sound and large stage makes the Gravenhurst Opera House an excellent place to ...
Steamship Segwun

The Steamship Segwun cruises the waters of the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada.

Originally built in 1887 as a paddlewheeler, the Steamship Segwun was restored in the 1970's and has become the "Best Large Attraction" in Ontario, Canada. Take a cruise aboard the Steamship Segwun on a variety of different tours that take you ar ...

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