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Totem Poles Thunderbird Park Royal BC Museum Victoria

A must see tourist attraction in Victoria on Vancouver Island is the Thunderbird Park which belongs to the Royal BC Museum.

Totem poles in Thunderbird Park, part of the Royal BC Museum Cultural Precinct, beside of the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Hudson Bay Inukshuk Landmark Manitoba

The sun begins to set on an inukshuk situated on the shores of Hudson Bay in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. The inukshuk is a stone landmark traditionally used by northern aboriginal peoples to mark a route through the tundra of the arctic.

Though traditionally and still to this day used as a landmark in circumpolar regions, today the inukshuk is commonly placed as a symbol of friendship and welcome. Inukshuk at sunset in the town of Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada ...
Dorset Soapstone Quarry Newfoundland Labrador

The unique soapstone carvings at the oldest mine on the Baie Verte Peninsula in Newfoundland Labrador, known as the Dorset Soapstone Quarry.

The soapstone carvings at the Dorset Soapstone Quarry in Fleur de Lys in Newfoundland Labrador give visitors to the area a fine example of how the early Native people mined soapstone. From the soapstone, they made cooking pots and oil lamps and w ...
Longlac Welcoming Sign Ontario

Plaques of information relating to the town of Longlac, Ontario are posted on the welcoming sign below a canoe that rests atop the stone monuments.

The community of Longlac, Ontario has a large unique sign welcoming tourists to come and share in the beauty of their town. Longlac is situated on Long Lake, Ontario and was a Northwest Company Trading Post in the early 1800's where the first res ...
Artifacts Mohawk Institute Ontario

Artifacts on display at the Mohawk Institute Woodland Culture Indian Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Artifacts, history, language and culture are on display at the Mohawk Institute Woodland Culture Indian Museum in Brantford, Ontario in Canada. Iroquois and Algonquin are both represented here.The Mohawk Institute Woodland Culture Indian Museum, ...
Wood Carver Duncan Vancouver Island

A Quw'utsun wood carver works in the Cultural Centre in Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

A Quw'utsun wood carver intently focuses on his latest creation in the Cultural Centre in Duncan on Vancouver Island,British Columbia. The Cultural Centre has many different interactive displays where people can watch artwork and other objects being created using traditional meth ...
Native Indian Girl

A cute Native Indian girl is adorned in her authentic costume at the Siksika Fair in Alberta, Canada.

The Siksika Nation Powwow and fair are held annually during the summer months in Alberta, Canada. The traditional costumes are worn by this Native Indian Girl as well as all the members of the Siksika Nation.
Teepees Alberta Pow Wow

Teepees showing lifestyle of American natives at a Pow Wow in Alberta, Canada.

Teepee at the Siksika Pow Wow with blue skies in Alberta.
Native Totem Queen Charlotte Islands

Detail of a native totem on Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia in Canada.

Totem on the Queen Charlotte Islands, Graham Island, Old Masset, British Columbia, Canada.
Siksika Pow Wow signs

First Nation Blackfoot Indian, Alberta, Native American Art on a sign at the Siksika Pow Wow in Canada, North America.

Native Indian Symbol at the Siksika Pow Wow, First Nation Blackfoot Indians, Alberta, Canada, North America.
Saamis Teepee Medicine Hat

Situated in Medicine Hat Alberta, Saamis Teepee is the largest teepee in the world.

Saamis Teepee, largest teepee in the world, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, North America.
Siksika Pow Wow Alberta

Teepees at the First Nation Blackfoot Indian Siksika Pow Wow in Alberta, Canada.

Siksika Pow Wow, First Nation Blackfoot Indian, Alberta, Canada, North America.

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