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Old Quebec Historic Church Night Lighting

The Notre-Dame des Victoires Church is a historic landmark in Place Royale in Old Quebec, Canada which looks stunning at night with the lighting shining off it.

Since 1929, the Notre-Dame des Victoires Church in Place Royale in Old Quebec City, Canada was classified as a historic monument as it is the oldest stone church found in Quebec. The golden lighting on the buildings which come on as night nears, emit a glow whic ...
Wall Mural Lighting Place Royale Quebec

The lighting reflects off the beautiful wall mural, La Fresque des Quebecois, as darkness takes over in Place Royale in Old Quebec, Canada.

On a historic building in Place Royal in Old Quebec City in Quebec, Canada, a famous wall mural adorns the facade which was created by twelve artists. The wall mural is called La Fresque des Quebecois and during the evening hours, bright lighting is turned on to ...
Place Royale Night Lights Historic Buildings

The yellow night lights highlight the historic stone buildings in Place Royal in Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada.

The architecture of the old stone buildings in Place Royale in Quebec City are beautiful during the day but when the night lights shine from the lamps on the buildings, a golden aura fills the area. Many unique shops are open during the day in these historic ...
Historic Stone Buildings Old Quebec

The historic stone buildings in Place-Royale in Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada bring out the true heritage of the area.

Place-Royale is a unique place where old historic buildings constructed of stone, line the street and bring out the real beauty of Old Quebec, Canada. A man sits on the stairs in front of the buildings soaking up the sunshine and a street side cafe ...
Potted Plants Picture

The potted plants outside a street cafe create a beautiful picture while strolling through Place-Royale in Old Quebec, Canada.

Picture yourself sitting at this street cafe in Place-Royale in Old Quebec in Quebec, Canada surrounded by the aroma of the potted plants. On a beautiful summer day in Old Quebec, Canada, the street cafes are great places to enjoy a beverage while ...
Quebec City Place Royale Buildings Canada

On a sunny day, people love to stroll amongst the stone buildings that make up the uniqueness of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada.

Old stone buildings at Place Royale that are attached to each other make up the architecture of some of the area of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. People stroll throughout the buildings as they browse through the unique shops in search of the perfect souveni ...
Place Royale Quebec City

The Place Royale hotel is the ideal place to stay while in Quebec City as it is within walking distance to many of the shops and restaurants.

The Place Royale in Quebec City, Canada is a nice hotel to stay at for the whole family as there is a pool surrounded by a beautiful garden, a restaurant, bar and a health club. The interior is very charming and all the rooms are very comfortable. The Place ...

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