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Quilt Pattern

A Canadian Mountie and trees are the pattern that was created on this quilt that is on display at a quilt shop in Elmira, Ontario.

Many hours were put into the making of this quilt that is on display at a unique quilt shop in the city of Elmira in Ontario, Canada. A Mountie in his traditional red uniform surrounded by green forest trees is the pattern of this particular quil ...
Quilt Fort McLeod

Nothing can beat the charm of a handmade quilt that someone in the town of Fort McLeod, Alberta has spent hours making.

A quilt on display in Fort McLeod was handmade by one of the local people and there is nothing better than a gift where you know a lot of time, effort and care was put in to making it. Fort McLeod in Alberta, Canada has enough history in itself b ...
Quilt Store St Jacobs

A beautiful quilt hangs in the window of a store in St. Jacobs, Ontario along with other handmade quilt items.

This unique quilt store in St. Jacobs, Ontario in Canada is where you will find an assortment of handmade quilted items. One quilt takes a fair amount of time to make and anybody that buys one of these handmade quilt pieces treasures it more as y ...
Fort Macleod Quilt Exhibition

Quilt exhibition at Fort Macleod in Southern Alberta in Canada.

Beautiful quilts on display at Fort Macleod, Southern Alberta, Canada, North America.

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