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Travel Sign the cape shore

On your travel in Newfoundland, Canada you will pass this bright yellow, blue and white sign along The Cape Shore route.

You know you are heading in the right direction to get to The Cape Shore in Newfoundland, Canada when you pass this road sign. Travel along Route 91 E and you will find a gannet colony and some intriguing places relating to the French heritage al ...
Road Warning Signs St Jacobs

Road warning signs need to be adhered to and this one along the roads in St. Jacobs, Ontario alerts people to be on the look out for horse and buggies.

There are many variations to warning signs along any road, highway or street but this particular one lets people be aware of a horse and buggy on the road. St Jacobs has a great Mennonite population and they are always riding back and forth into ...
Prairie Road Alberta

A long stretch of road through the prairie landscape near Pincher Creek in Southern Alberta in Alberta, Canada.

As you drive this straight road known as Highway 3 through Southern Alberta, Canada you will see farmland on either side of the road for miles. The prairie countryside seems to extend forever but the sign lets you know you only have eighteen kilo ...
Service Sign Yukon

Each service sign along the Yukon highway are great distances apart and you should be sure to fill up on gas and snacks when instructed to do so by the signs.

Driving along the highway in the Yukon, you will come to this sign that says the next service for anything is a long way off and you are best to take care of business before continuing on. The highway that takes you through the beautiful scenic Y ...
Hoo Doo Trail Sign

Follow the sign on Highway 10 that takes you on a journey of the badlands along the Hoo Doo Trail in Alberta, Canada.

A sign lets you know that you are on the right track to the Hoo Doo Trail that takes you on Highway 10 for twenty-five kilometers. The Hoo Doos are very fragile sandstone pillars with a large stone that sits on top which have been created over mi ...
Sheep Road Sign British Columbia

A road sign along the highway warns of the dangers if you do not watch out for sheep in British Columbia, Canada.

A large road sign on a highway in British Columbia, Canada relays a clear warning of what may happen to your car and the sheep if you do not slow down. If you do see a sheep on the highway, you can snap a picture at the same time as you stop for it to cross. Roa ...
Moose Road Sign

There are many road signs posted along the highways in Canada to beware of Moose on the roads.

Road sign, Attention, Moose, North America.

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