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Sinclair Cove

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Sinclair Cove Rocky Shoreline

Shallow waters reveal a rocky shoreline in Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada.

Sinclair Cove's rocky shoreline shows moss covered rocks in the clear shallow waters. Rocks of varying sizes and colors dominate the shoreline. Sinclair Cove is an arm of Lake Superior, the largest of the five great lakes. Dark storm clouds loom over the cove ...
Fog Sinclair Cove Lake Superior

Lake Superior's waters are hidden under a misty fog in Sinclair Cove.

A thick fog covers the Lake Superior waters. A few trees can be seen just above the fog. A rock partially covered by the fog sits in the foreground. Sinclair Cove is covered in a low lying fog. Fog in Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior, Lake Superior ...
Art Photo Sinclair Cove Trees In Fog

On Sinclair Cove, trees are barely visible through the hazy fog.

The white trunks of the trees are barely visible through the fog. The green foliage of the trees are lightly seen through the hazy fog. The misty fog covers the trees in Sinclair Cove on Lake Superior. Sinclair Cove is part of Lake Superior Provincial Park. T ...

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