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Landmark Saamis Teepee In Medicine Hat

In the city of Medicine Hat, is the world's largest teepee, the Saamis Teepee.

Saamis Teepee is the world's largest teepee. This teepee sit in Medicine Hat. The tall white poles has a red and blue zig zag border added. Emblems of Native American culture are attached between each pole of the teepee. Saamis Teepee, the world's ...
City Hall Pondering Grizzly Bear Statue Winnipeg Manitoba

A permanent fixture outside City Hall in the downtown area of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba is "The Pondering Grizzly", one of the bear statues belonging to the "Bears on Broadway".

The bear statue, "The Pondering Grizzly" is one of the well known "Bears on Broadway" statues and is on display outside City Hall in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. On National Aboriginal Day in the City of Winnipeg, a yearly celebration since 1996, a tepee also ...
Wood Mountain Post Provincial Park Structures Saskatchewan Canada

A teepee and an old building are two structures on display at the Wood Mountain Post Provincial Historic Park in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Two structures to browse through while visiting the Wood Mountain Post Provincial Park in Saskatchewan, Canada are the tepee and the old styled building. Inside these structures, staff will take you on a guided tour and explain the history and me ...
Teepee Old Fort William

A wooden teepee and pelts hanging to dry are signs of early life at Old Fort William in Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada.

Life as we know it now is nothing like the years between 1803 and 1821 when animal pelts were hung to dry, people created a wooden teepee as a place to live and food was hunted and cooked on an open fire. At Old Fort William in Thunder Bay, Ontario you can e ...
Teepees Alberta Pow Wow

Teepees showing lifestyle of American natives at a Pow Wow in Alberta, Canada.

Teepee at the Siksika Pow Wow with blue skies in Alberta.

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