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Ursus Arctos Horribilis

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Face Shot Grizzly Bear

The massive fur of this Grizzly Bear almost fills up the whole shot taken of his face in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

This close up shot of the face of a grizzly bear in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA makes one realize how beautiful these animals are. These dark brown eyes are not ones you want to be staring back in if you encounter a Grizzly Bear in Denali ...
Resting Grizzly Bear

An adult grizzly bear resting in the wilderness of Alaska in the United States.

Whether a grizzly bear is resting or fully awake, you must always be careful around them as they are always aware of their surroundings. This grizzly bear in Alaska, USA is a little more relaxed and gave us the opportunity to get a little closer ...
Grizzly Bear Fun Alaska

A Grizzly Bear playing and having fun in the grass in Denali National Park, Alaska in the USA.

This cute grizzly bear having fun by himself as enjoys the sunny day in the grass in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. A wild grizzly bear looks like a big teddy bear while he plays and has fun but can stand his own ground if he feels threaten ...

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