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Gimli Town Main Dock Lake Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Visitors to the town of Gimli located along Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada can stroll along the Main Dock and view the beautiful collection of wall murals.

While visiting the town of Gimli in Manitoba, Canada, visitors can follow the sign at the Main Dock boat harbour and view the collection of Lake Winnipeg wall murals. All the way along the waterfront walkway, beautiful wall murals have been erect ...
Downtown Winnipeg City Building Wall Mural Manitoba

On the side of the building housing the Hotel McLaren in the downtown core of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a colorful wall mural is highlighted below the black and white sign.

Dating back to 1910 when the Hotel McLaren was constructed, this building in the downtown area in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba was owned by a prominent Winnipeg family who owned various other hoteling establishments. Today, the Hotel McLaren still stands and to ...
Wall Mural Lighting Place Royale Quebec

The lighting reflects off the beautiful wall mural, La Fresque des Quebecois, as darkness takes over in Place Royale in Old Quebec, Canada.

On a historic building in Place Royal in Old Quebec City in Quebec, Canada, a famous wall mural adorns the facade which was created by twelve artists. The wall mural is called La Fresque des Quebecois and during the evening hours, bright lighting is turned on to ...
Wall Mural Picture Quartier Petite Champlain Old Quebec

Hours of work was put into creating the wall mural in this picture that is exhibited along Rue du Petite-Champlain in Quartier Petite Champlain, Old Quebec.

A mural created with an incredible amount of detail adorns a wall along Rue du Petite-Champlain in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec City, Canada. A different activity takes place in each room with intricate features in the decor of the rooms and on each p ...
Place Royale Wall Mural Quebec City

This incredible wall mural decorates a building near Place Royale in Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada and brings out many people with their cameras.

La Fresque des Quebecois is a famous wall mural on the exterior of a building near Place Royale in Old Quebec City that brings out thousands of tourists every year. Twelve artists joined forces, some from Canada and some from France, to create this masterpiece i ...
Wall Mural Elmira

A wall mural on the side of a building represents the olden days in the town of Elmira, Ontario in Canada.

Elmira, Ontario is a town where country living is at its best. This wall mural that was painted on the building shows you of the way country life used to be in the early years. Today, many festivities, entertainment and good old fashioned country ...
Murals Pictures Trading Chemainus

Murals closes to the Chemainus Traiding Company on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Murals in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Colourful Murals Streetlife

Colourful murals in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Murals in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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